Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy World Teachers' Day!

This October 5 we will celebrate world teachers day.

Happy Teachers' Day to all the educators of the world! I'm proud to be one. :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Day in Mindoro

I just took a shot from the many coconut trees on our way to the river...

the best part of this trip was the view.. (sigh) just mesmerizing.. the mountain view

ilog mainit yata tawag dito pero kabaligtaran naman kasi super lamig siya! meron lang yatang part na mainit pero sa kabilang part pa yun ng river...

o diba naka-jogging pants ang lola mo! (san ka pa?! haha!)

super lamig ng tubig as in!

I came back to Mindoro for the birthday celebration of daddy's father and younger brother. Since his brother is already married and currently residing in Naujan, we went there with three motorcycles. And me as a nature lover (tripper!) loved the idea of mountain and trees that we will see on our way to his brother's house. This is why I love to be here. The view and of course.. to be with someone so special. I hope we will be able to explore more of the place. I hope.. next time. ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Here I am... again!

Yes! I'm back! Again? I hope so... Well, I just want to share some photos from my trip to Oriental Mindoro last Summer. It was indeed a very enjoyable and exciting vacation.. (ehemm..) It was the first time that I've been to Mindoro and it was my first time to ride a ship or a boat or something of that kind... and it wasn't bad at all, maybe because I'm with someone (ayiee!) and yes, Puerto Galera but we didn't stay long because we didn't have enough budget for that! (haha!) We just had a 2-hour trip from Calapan to Puerto courtesy of my Daddy's motorcycle. It was an awesome view and I can't help myself but to be mesmerize with the green trees, blue water and of course, white sands!!! (is it really white?) We just ate in those many stalls near the beach and mind you.. ginto ang presyo! hehe! I hope we can come back to Puerto Galera and be able to experience the "island hopping" and to have an overnight stay in one of the resorts. Saya nun! ;)

The photos above are the islands that you can see on your way to Batangas Pier... I can't recall the names but they definitely are eye catching. :)

"Malalaman mo kung ano meron sa BUHAY mo kung alam mo ang nasa PUSO mo." - Payong Bob Ong

I got that quote from facebook. Wala lang, feel ko lang. hehe.. Alam ko masyado na akong matagal nawala dito sa blogging world. as in! May naka-feel ba? hehe... Namiss ko din kaso masyadong naging busy sa work... etchetera... (hmmmm.. hehe) Syempre Happy ang lovelife! Ayieee! haha! Kaya nawalan ng time dito.. sana lang bigyan ako ni Lord ng sandamakmak na kasipagan para makapag-post ulit dito.. ;)