Friday, May 29, 2009

100th Post - Skywatch Friday 21: Missing Isabela

I am so happy to announce that it's my 100th post! Yipee!!! Atlast! haha! I can't believed that I've gone this far. Anyway, the school will soon be open. Actually, in just two days! And yes, I was assigned in the newly-open school in our district. Hope everything will turn out good come Monday. (sigh)

Anyway, here's my entry for this week's Skywatch Friday. It's a photo from my shots during my stay in Isabela. I just used my cellphone camera for this. Just click here to see more of these. :)

(photo: courtesy of Emghie)
Yep, that's us! Me and my College friends will hit the beach this Saturday night at Nasugbu, Batangas (I still don't know what resort would that be). Yeah, night swimming! Haha! Our last trip before the school starts this Monday. Hope we'll have a good time! :)

Happy Weekend everyone and Happy Skywatching! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Skywatch 20: Sunset Moments

That's my co-teacher My and her son Samuel.
It was a actually stolen shot and I like how a mother and son bonding can expressed through this photo.
I asked my co-teacher Yang to pose for this shot.
It was kinda funny because she doesn't like taking pictures! haha!

I took these shots at the seashore of Naic, Cavite. We actually went there to joined them in the celebration of their barrio fiesta. And since the sea is just a walk away from their home, we didn't hesitate to go there and even if we didn't swim, we just satisfy ourselves with the beautiful sunset and ofcourse, with the help of my cellphone camera, I captured these moments. :)

This is also my entry for this week's Skywatch Friday. I know it's kinda late because I just came from our overnight swimming, yeah, we went back here. LOLx. I am also thankful that my site is okay now, I was so frustrated the other day because my blog just kept on failing to stayed on for over a second. Yeah, Anney was right, maybe there's just some problems with blogger and now, everythings okay. (Thanks Anney!) .

If you want to see more of these skywatch posts. Just click the link here.

Have a nice and blessed weekend everyone! Happy Skywatching!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

Thanks Amy and Carms for this wonderful blog award. I really appreciate it! The two of you also deserved it. I'm giving it back to you. :)

And I am forwarding this award to... Anney, Beth, Lyra, Peachy, Kalyo Galera, Liza, Eden, Chase and Q. :)

I'll be attending a one-day Seminar-Workshop on Mathematics tomorrow. Hope I will learn a lot from it and be able to apply it on my teaching. Imagine, Math.. haha! ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brigada Eskwela and Interesting Blog Award

Okay, now it's time to say goodbye to summer vacation (sigh!) because in two weeks time, school is opening again! According to DepEd, the opening of the school year will be on June 1 (well as for private schools, it depends on the administration). Last Monday, Brigada Eskwela, the annual program of DepEd was already started and as for our school, it started last May 18 up to 22 or by next week. We started cleaning the rooms and preparing it for the school opening next next week. I hope classrooms will all be ready come June first.


I would like to thank Amy for this award. I really do appreciate it. It means a lot! Thanks again. And I have to forward this award to those blogger who really and truly deserved it. :)
I am giving this to:

Dong, Beth, Anney, Payatot, Peachy, Lyra, Chase, Kalyo Galera, Eden, Dhemz, Carms, Arvin, Q, and anyone on my bloglist. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Skywatch 19: Tropical Village

I took this shot before we leave for Isabela. No need to say more. Who knows that that trip will change my life forever. (wee! ahmm.. not really! haha!) I really did enjoy our Isabela vacation. Hope I can go back there again.
You can see more of these photos here at the Skywatch Friday site. :)
Have a nice weeekend and Happy Skywatching! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tag: 8 Things!

I just want to share this picture of me and my co-teachers during the Recognition Day 2009. Why post it? Nothing really, it's just that, this coming Monday... I will.. no I'm not getting married! (LOLx) Well, I am a bridesmaid (again! haha!) to my co-teacher. She will get married to her long time boyfriend. Congratulations Ms. Claire! :)
I would like to thank Beth for this tag.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
- Batangas Outing with my College Friends this May (huling hirit sa bakasyon!)
- My co-teacher's Wedding this Monday (abay ulit ako eh!)
- Enrolment for my MA's (haha! gala na naman ako!)
- June 1 (imagine.. pasukan na ulit!)
- finish Eclipse (and then moved on to Breaking Dawn)
- Harry Potter 6: The Half-Blood Prince Movie this July (can't wait!)
- of, course New Moon.. (isa pa to! haha!)
- December 2009 (hopefully... coz' "he" promised he will come here in Cavite! sino siya? secret..)

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- went to school.
- tried to finished Eclipse (well yeah, I failed..)
- went to district office (passed some documents)
- listen to the music of lady gaga and actually liked it!
- sleep late.. woke up early.
- tried to look for my crush (but I didn't see him.. haha! adik!)
- ate "manggang hilaw and bagoong" (yum yum!)
- texted him..

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- play the guitar
- be a superb swimmer
- to kick as high as a taekwando blackbelter
- to paint and to draw
- to sing infront of a lot of people (hahaha!)
- to travel the world (without thinking about money!)
- to go to Vatican and meet the Pope.
- to go to Baguio (kelan kaya?!)

8 Shows I Watch (Note: some are "before", I don't watch TV that often anymore)
- American Idol
- Survivor
- Small Ville
- Charmed
- Gilmore Girls
- Korean Drama
- News

8 People I Tag (I just hope you'll enjoy doing this too!)
- Chase
- Kalyo Galera
- Anney
- Peachy
- Payatot
- Eden
- Amy
- Dhemz

Friday, May 8, 2009

Skywatch 18 - Morning Sunshine

As of this writing, I can see the sun beginning to peek from the cloudy sky. Well, yesterday a storm named "Emong" was in the Philippine's area of responsibility (actually, the news says that there is a possibility that the storm will still be here until Monday or Tuesday. I just hope that "Emong" will decide to stay away from our country. And with less or without casualties or noone harmed from this natural calamity.
Well, I am positive about this because the sun says it all. And I love to see the sun light here in my window. Have a nice morning everyone! :)
This picture is still from our Isabela Trip. I love the clouds here, match with the green fields below. And yes, it is the original photo, I didn't edit it what so ever.
You can see a lot more of these photos here at Skywatch Friday. :)
Happy Skywatch Friday everyone!