Friday, May 15, 2009

Skywatch 19: Tropical Village

I took this shot before we leave for Isabela. No need to say more. Who knows that that trip will change my life forever. (wee! ahmm.. not really! haha!) I really did enjoy our Isabela vacation. Hope I can go back there again.
You can see more of these photos here at the Skywatch Friday site. :)
Have a nice weeekend and Happy Skywatching! :)


chrome3d said...

There is so sunny, bright and sparkly atmosphere here on your sky.

Photo Cache said...

It was a lovely day for a road trip. Beautiful clouds.

eden said...

hi vicky,

great pictures again with blue sky and scattered clouds. a nice indeed

have a good and safe weekend.

payatot said...

sana nga makabalik ka dun sa isabela ma'm vics dahil masarap bumalik sa isang lugar na nagustuhan mo talaga

Vic said...

chrome3d - yes, it was. :)

photo cache - thanks! :)

eden - hi eden! thanks! you too! ;)

payatot - sana nga po... :)

the donG said...

ganda naman ng mga kuhang ito! two thumbs up ulit teacher vic!

Vic said...

dong - naks! thanks a lot dom! ;)

Anney said...

Ang ganda ng pictures! Di pako naka try mag pic ng sky o sunset. Minsan nga masubukan. Naintriga naman ako sa sinabi mo na " who knows that the trip will change my life forever" hmmmmmm bakit kaya? hehehe!

Vic said...

anney - salamat! try mo nga minsan ang picturan ang sky. :)

hahaha! wala lang.. hmmm.. :)