Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tag: 8 Things!

I just want to share this picture of me and my co-teachers during the Recognition Day 2009. Why post it? Nothing really, it's just that, this coming Monday... I will.. no I'm not getting married! (LOLx) Well, I am a bridesmaid (again! haha!) to my co-teacher. She will get married to her long time boyfriend. Congratulations Ms. Claire! :)
I would like to thank Beth for this tag.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
- Batangas Outing with my College Friends this May (huling hirit sa bakasyon!)
- My co-teacher's Wedding this Monday (abay ulit ako eh!)
- Enrolment for my MA's (haha! gala na naman ako!)
- June 1 (imagine.. pasukan na ulit!)
- finish Eclipse (and then moved on to Breaking Dawn)
- Harry Potter 6: The Half-Blood Prince Movie this July (can't wait!)
- of, course New Moon.. (isa pa to! haha!)
- December 2009 (hopefully... coz' "he" promised he will come here in Cavite! sino siya? secret..)

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- went to school.
- tried to finished Eclipse (well yeah, I failed..)
- went to district office (passed some documents)
- listen to the music of lady gaga and actually liked it!
- sleep late.. woke up early.
- tried to look for my crush (but I didn't see him.. haha! adik!)
- ate "manggang hilaw and bagoong" (yum yum!)
- texted him..

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- play the guitar
- be a superb swimmer
- to kick as high as a taekwando blackbelter
- to paint and to draw
- to sing infront of a lot of people (hahaha!)
- to travel the world (without thinking about money!)
- to go to Vatican and meet the Pope.
- to go to Baguio (kelan kaya?!)

8 Shows I Watch (Note: some are "before", I don't watch TV that often anymore)
- American Idol
- Survivor
- Small Ville
- Charmed
- Gilmore Girls
- Korean Drama
- News

8 People I Tag (I just hope you'll enjoy doing this too!)
- Chase
- Kalyo Galera
- Anney
- Peachy
- Payatot
- Eden
- Amy
- Dhemz


Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Hi Ma'am Vics! Hope you'll get married soon. :D

Beth said...

Hi Vic,
thanks for doing the tag, ha?

I'm looking forward to seeing you walk tha aisle too! :)

take care! :)

Vic said...

chase - haha! matagal pa siguro yan.. :)

beth - hi beth! you're welcome and thanks again for tagging me. :)
nakakatuwa naman kayo ni chase, talagang yun ang comment niyo ha. hehe.. nakoh, matagal tagal pa yun. :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

I'll grab this latur..

eden said...

hi Vicky!

Congratulations and best wishes to them.

thanks for the tag. i will grab this as soon as possible.

Anney said...

O ikaw naman kelan ka ikakasal? hehehe! Thanks for tagging me!

jodi said...

sabi nila pag laging umaabay e baka raw di na makakita ng someone..pero sana di naman ganun ano po

Vic said...

peachy - ok. :)

eden - thanks! ;)

anney - oo nga kelan ba tayo ikakasal? hehe.. ;)

jodi - oo nga noh.. "always a bridesmaid. never a bride" (wag naman po sana.) haha! ;)

amiable amy said...

post it later ha....salamat