Sunday, August 31, 2008

EHEADS Reunion Concert! (sad..)

MANILA, Philippines - The Eraserheads reunion concert on Saturday night at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field was cut short after lead singer Ely Buendia suffered chest pain.
Concert organizers and friends rushed Buendia to the Makati Medical Center, where he was reported to be in stable condition.
In a text message to GMANews.TV, Dok Sergio, bassist of Buendia's new band Pupil, said: "Ely is fine. Don't worry."
The Erasherheads opened the concert at 8:15 p.m. with their hit song “Alapaap" and proceeded to play classics such as “Ligaya," “Wag Mo Nang Itanong," “Fruitcake," among others.
More than 10 songs were played to eager fans at The Fort and around 9:30 p.m. the band took a 30-minute break. Forty minutes later, Buendia’s sister went up to the stage to break the sad news.
"We regret to inform you that we have to cut the concert short. My brother had to be rushed to hospital because of emotional and physical stress he is experiencing," said Buendia's sister Lali to concert-goers.
In 2007, Buendia suffered a heart attack while his new band Pupil was performing in Laguna.
The Eraserheads was a popular Pinoy rock band of the 1990s formed by Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro.

- GMANews.TV

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When I finally realized that don't think of him anymore... I don't look for him... and that I'm not stupid anymore... that's when I had a realization that yes... I've switched my feelings to this other guy.
For barely two years in College and another two more years after graduation.. I hoped... I prayed and I dreamed that one day... He will finally make an effort to tell me that the feeling is mutual.. but I just hoped.. prayed and dreamed for four long years.. still, nothing happens.
I want to laugh at myself fo being such a hopeless romantic and believed in fairy tale romance. Because now, I realized that those things only happens in dreams.. and dreams are only for the hopeless... and I don't want to be one of them.. (pagod na ako..)
It's just so ironic that you cannot get the one that you want while there are some who are begging for yours.
And then he came... literally, out of nowhere. In a place where I wouldn't imagined that I will find someone who will catch my attention. A place where falling INLOVE is a big no NO! But a place where LOVE is the law. It's not love at first sight.. definitely not. But when I first set my eyes on him... I knew that there's something. And it's hard to explain why. I just felt it.
The new emotion is a little bit scary.... in a sense that you know what you feel but you cannot express it. You know that it's not right... it's not possible. But you cannot teach your heart... you just have to fool yourself that you don't feel anything.. and I guess, that's the hardest thing to do.
I'm tired of signs... I've been looking and praying for it.. but that same signs just made me more confused... it took me nowhere.
I just let it all to Him. 'Coz I know that only Him is the responsible for all of these.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Missing SFDMPS

You really won't realize the importance of something until it was gone...

I miss them..

Bride (soon-to-be)

This photo was taken just a few hours ago. Marnelli came here at our house to browse some wedding gowns in the internet. Yes, you heard it right. Wedding gowns! She will soon be married. (huhuhu..) It's not that I'm not happy for her.. Well, it's just so weird that all of my bestfriends are tying the knot already. (hmmm...) Marnelli will get married in December while Rexie will tie the knot with her long time boyfriend on December 2009. Actually, I'm so happy for both of them. They deserve to be happy. I just hope that their soon-to-be husbands will take care of them. (definitely! kundi.. lagot kayo sa akin! haha!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My one and only Pardz

Nancy Nahial

My Pardz... My best friend... My enemy (hehe.. minsan lang!)... My worst critic... My sistah...

I remember when I first met Nancy... it was in our room, in 3R. We were actually roomates (we lived in Normal Hall Dormitory). She was actually the one who always remind me how I snobbed (I actually didn't... ;p) her during our first meeting. According to her, she was facing my back and she 's talking to me but I didn't respond. But I eventually faced her and asked me to go with her to the grocery... that's the start of our friendship! (o diba! hahaha!) She's actually ahead of me by one year but I'm one year older than her (hehe...) I love this girl kasi pareho kaming childish pero mas childish siya (haha..) She's a Math major... (o ha! magpapa-tutor nga ako kay Pardz eh! hahaha!) Miss ko na to.. sino na kaya ang mas mataba sa amin? (oo, alam ko ako pa rin! ;p)

College Buddies 3

Michelle Orjalesa - Macapugay

She's one of my closest friends in College... I've seen how she strived hard to be where she is now... (basta! madami ng pinagdaanan tong friend ko na to! ) From deciding to give up Psychology and shifting to BEED to getting married and having a kid... (love you Cielo! my inaanak!) I am forever bless that I got to know her. (Goodluck Chelle sa nursing mo!)

Liberty Villanueva

Actually, I first saw her in our Reading class. She was my classmate then but we didn't have the chance to get to know each other. Our path crossed again in Quiapo Parochial School, wherein we had the same Supervising Teacher. We became close actually and I consider her as one of my closest friends since College. Actually, we shared the same crush (hehe.. secret lang yun ha!) It's okay na kasi she has a boyfriend already and I... totally (almost) forgot that boy. What's his name again? (taray!)

College Buddies 2

The above photo was taken while we were having our practicum @ Quiapo Parochial School. Imagine, we're teaching high school at that time! (haha!) I am teaching English, Mercy is teaching Science, Jeny is teaching Math, Eeya is teaching PE and Jam is teaching Values...
The photo below was taken in our Graduation Ball @ Manila Hotel (sosyal diba!) ang taba ko nga jan eh. In the picture are my College friends... Edina (miss na kita at ang mga kwento mo!) si Rosalie (promise.. I will write your love story! haha!) and of course, Mercy!

Walk to Fame

This photo was taken after the torch ceremony... We decided to make gala (hehe.. coñotic) in Baywalk (wala na to ngayon diba?) ... o diba! Go Psych ang drama namin!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

College Buddies

It was actually me and Mercy who were the original buddies as they say... since second year in College. Then we met Jammel and Jeny who were also dormers like us. We became close when we had our practicum in Guidance in Saint Rita College (we were the St. Rita girls together with Eeya! hehe...) Then, they introduced us to their tropa, Apple (who was my buddy in Reading class) , Crysel, Sheryl and MG.

We actually split into two when it comes to the field of work. Apple, Mercy and MG are in the Industrial setting while Jeny, Crysel, Sheryl, Jam and myself are in the field of Education. Jeny is now working on her thesis for her MA at UST. MG is taking up her MA in Industrial Psychology at DLSU-Taft. Crysel, Jam and me are taking up MA in Education major in Special Education while Sheryl is taking up Guidance at PNU.

We maybe graduated and have our own lives already but we took time to get together like this one... we went to Manila Ocean Park last April 2008 (minus Crysel..sana makasama ka na next time... ;) si Apple ang photographer..hehe)

High School Best Friends

Rexie Parre and Marnelli Felismino.

I first met Rexie in our first year in high school but during that time, we're not as close. We became close during second year. I can't remember how.. but since, all of my best buddies in first year were became section 2 (Marianne, Belen and Marnelli) .. I suddenly found a new friend with Rexie and Jennifer (and since Jennifer and I had a misunderstanding before.. sad to say but i lost contact with her.. my last news about her was that.. she's in the states right now with her family)

I first met Marnelli in the "Parangal ng Bayan" award in our town plaza, wherein we were both awardees.. (I graduated salutatorian in elementary.. eherm). I didn't know her at that time but I recognized her when I saw her in our first day of class during our first year in high school. We became friends instantly. But sad to say, in our second year, Marnelli and some of our classmates were moved to section 2. But in third year, she became our classmate again!

How can I forget the crushes... the kainan kina Ate Lina during lunch.. tampuhan.. tambayan sa mga bahay natin.. review pag may exam.. gala sa SM Southmall pa noon...

I must say that these two girls are so precious to me. Imagine, we've been friends for more than a decade! Although, we don't see each other that much (Rexie is in Dubai and Marnelli is busy with work..)... when we see each other, it's as if, nothing has changed!

Janice Camacho - Pineda

Janice and I first met during the meeting of all the participants in GTMES for the Jamboree of Girls Scout that was held in Noveleta when we were barely in Grade 5. We were not as close during the camping as we are now but we're not snob to each other.. (hehe..) We became classmates during first year to fourth year. We became close because we always went home together since we are both from Pasong Kawayan.. and since then, we became friends. Actually, we have a different set of friends but during fourth year, we were suddenly in a one circle of friends! I considered Janice as one of my best friends and true friends ever! I've been in her wedding in Nueva Ecija! (abay ako dun!) and now, I am the ninang of their baby!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Philippine Normal University. My alma mater.

How can I forget this historical landmark... As you can see, this building is kinda old.. Well, let's just say... it had been built for over a hundred years now... (106 years to be exact and will be 107 this coming September)... since 1901. Yes.. even older than UP. And let me just add that this old building had been a home (for 4 years) for countless of wonderful teachers and the best educators in the Philippines. And I couldn't believed that I have been part of this institution in my four years in College.

Let me just share to you how I became a PNUans...

Actually, after I graduated in high school, me and most of my friends came across a problem that most of the high school graduates had to endure. The course to take... The College to go to... blah.. blah.. blah... and since, my father didn't want me to study in Manila or even Indang.. I opted to study in Cavite College of Arts and Trades (now known as Cavite State University-Rosario) and there, I took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education.. actually, I wanted to took up HRM.. but during that time, I just go with the flow.. I also chose the course of my friend (but she turned out not to study in that college and we ended up studying in different colleges altogether..) But the sad part was.. I did not continue my course.. I stop after I finished one semester.. and I became a professional bum (hahaha!) for 2 years ;)

And then one day, my cousin Joanne asked me if I want to take an entrance exam in PNU. She handed me the brochure and I saw that they offer the course that I like, which is Psychology, I asked the permission of my father and he eventually agreed (pumayag din sa wakas! hehehe...) I took up the entrance exam and luckily, I passed the exam and the interview and the medical exams etc.... etc... and I must say that the rest is history.. (bitin ba? hahaha!)

Actually, in my first year at PNU, we don't have the course yet. We need to take the entrance exam of every Department for us to have our course. Actually, my first choice is Psychology.. my second is BSE History and my third choice is BEED. Luckily, I passed my first choice! (go psych!) Being a part of the Psychology family was a great experienced! I am proud to be a PNU PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR!

I must say that PNU mold me into this whole person that I never imagine that I can be... from a quiet shy girl... it changed my whole personality for the better.. I eventually come out of my shell.. and out of the cocoon... to spread my wings and fly! (why does it sound like a Mariah Carey's song? hahaha!)


... I don't need to be just a follower, I am now a leader.

... I don't need to just go with the flow, I choose what my heart tells me.

... I learned not to be subjective, I learned to look at things objectively.

... I learned not to hinder myself from the things that I want to do.

... I learned to express myself through my words and my writings.

... I learned not to be afraid, but brave enough to speak my mind.. especially when I know that I'm on the right track.

Lastly, I am me... no more, no less.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


They were my co-teachers for two years. I can't help but miss them. Aside from the pupils of San Francisco De Malabon Parochial School (whom I love very much!), they are the ones that I missed. That photo was taken after the graduation of Grade 6 and Prep last March 2008. I missed the camaraderie, the joys of having them just by simply chatting (when ma'am is not around.. hehe.), the tsismisan (haha!!!), the petty quarrels and tampuhan, the puyatan during camping, gabi ng umuuwi when there's an activity, ang kaba during first Friday mass and Saturday mass (the choir and the offerers! hehe...), ngaragan sa paggawa ng exams and grades... kainan when someone celebrates her/his birthday... pagtakas papuntang KFC or Jollibee (remember? hehe..), ang caroling, pagpunta kina Ma'am Enggit (para mag-inuman.. joke! magkainan pala! hehe..) and of course, ang jogging at badminton sa madaling araw sa may Convention! (miss it!) Oh how I missed those days.. but sad to say... sometimes.. or most of the time... good things never last... (nakakainis! naiiyak na ako!)
To... Ma'am Glecy, Ma'am Columna, Ma'am Campaña...
and..... Ma'am Dhee, Ma'am Ahlyn, Ma'am Rose, Ma'am Margie, Ma'am Sally, Ma'am Leah, Ma'am Jallen... Thanks po sa lahat!!!!!! Love you all!!! Miss na namin kayo ni Ma'am Bird... ;p

mga anak ko

Asking why they are the ones whom I posted in my blog? Because they are so precious to me.. (i wanna cry!) These children are so important to me because they are my first pupils ever! I graduated in College last March 2006 and then by June 2006, I got the chance to teach these kids. I was hired by no less than Mrs. Amelia Viniegra (Thank you Ma'am! I owe you a lot!). Actually, I applied initially at Colegio De San Francisco but for some unknown reasons, I was not hired (wala na raw available position for the one I'm applying to! hahaha!). I was already at home when I got a text from Mrs. Maclang telling me that the principal of SFDMPS wanted to hire me. Of course, I immediately went there and happily accepted the good news. I thinked it was a blessing in disguise afterall.
In my first day of teaching... I was so nervous and disoriented but as the days past by, I realized how lucky I am and how wonderful it is... the profession that I chose. That picture was taken two years ago and you can imagine how fast they grow... Now I know how it feels.. the fulfillment of being a teacher. I really miss them so much! (I am now teaching in a public school) I hate to compare them to my pupils now and I tried not to... still, I can't help but miss them.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

my first ever

Wow! Can you imagine that? I am doing my first ever blog (well, aside from my friendster I mean) . Honestly, I don't know why I am doing this. The same reason as what am I still awake at this holy hour in the evening. Well, maybe.. I want to express myself.. even though.. I am not sure whether someone wants to read my blog or something.. Actually, I am not into that.. I don't really care whether they read this or not.. The thing is.. I actually did what I want to do.. to express myself.. to release all my tensions to this past few weeks.. Imagine that, I am exhausted for about a month now (sigh). Well, that's life! I just have to do what I have to do. I hate regrets but that's how I feel..

I chose that picture as a symbol of my new work place. I want to say that it is indeed a new beginning for me.. but the question is... did I choose the better or the worse?