Monday, August 18, 2008

My one and only Pardz

Nancy Nahial

My Pardz... My best friend... My enemy (hehe.. minsan lang!)... My worst critic... My sistah...

I remember when I first met Nancy... it was in our room, in 3R. We were actually roomates (we lived in Normal Hall Dormitory). She was actually the one who always remind me how I snobbed (I actually didn't... ;p) her during our first meeting. According to her, she was facing my back and she 's talking to me but I didn't respond. But I eventually faced her and asked me to go with her to the grocery... that's the start of our friendship! (o diba! hahaha!) She's actually ahead of me by one year but I'm one year older than her (hehe...) I love this girl kasi pareho kaming childish pero mas childish siya (haha..) She's a Math major... (o ha! magpapa-tutor nga ako kay Pardz eh! hahaha!) Miss ko na to.. sino na kaya ang mas mataba sa amin? (oo, alam ko ako pa rin! ;p)

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