Sunday, August 3, 2008

mga anak ko

Asking why they are the ones whom I posted in my blog? Because they are so precious to me.. (i wanna cry!) These children are so important to me because they are my first pupils ever! I graduated in College last March 2006 and then by June 2006, I got the chance to teach these kids. I was hired by no less than Mrs. Amelia Viniegra (Thank you Ma'am! I owe you a lot!). Actually, I applied initially at Colegio De San Francisco but for some unknown reasons, I was not hired (wala na raw available position for the one I'm applying to! hahaha!). I was already at home when I got a text from Mrs. Maclang telling me that the principal of SFDMPS wanted to hire me. Of course, I immediately went there and happily accepted the good news. I thinked it was a blessing in disguise afterall.
In my first day of teaching... I was so nervous and disoriented but as the days past by, I realized how lucky I am and how wonderful it is... the profession that I chose. That picture was taken two years ago and you can imagine how fast they grow... Now I know how it feels.. the fulfillment of being a teacher. I really miss them so much! (I am now teaching in a public school) I hate to compare them to my pupils now and I tried not to... still, I can't help but miss them.

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