Sunday, August 3, 2008


They were my co-teachers for two years. I can't help but miss them. Aside from the pupils of San Francisco De Malabon Parochial School (whom I love very much!), they are the ones that I missed. That photo was taken after the graduation of Grade 6 and Prep last March 2008. I missed the camaraderie, the joys of having them just by simply chatting (when ma'am is not around.. hehe.), the tsismisan (haha!!!), the petty quarrels and tampuhan, the puyatan during camping, gabi ng umuuwi when there's an activity, ang kaba during first Friday mass and Saturday mass (the choir and the offerers! hehe...), ngaragan sa paggawa ng exams and grades... kainan when someone celebrates her/his birthday... pagtakas papuntang KFC or Jollibee (remember? hehe..), ang caroling, pagpunta kina Ma'am Enggit (para mag-inuman.. joke! magkainan pala! hehe..) and of course, ang jogging at badminton sa madaling araw sa may Convention! (miss it!) Oh how I missed those days.. but sad to say... sometimes.. or most of the time... good things never last... (nakakainis! naiiyak na ako!)
To... Ma'am Glecy, Ma'am Columna, Ma'am CampaƱa...
and..... Ma'am Dhee, Ma'am Ahlyn, Ma'am Rose, Ma'am Margie, Ma'am Sally, Ma'am Leah, Ma'am Jallen... Thanks po sa lahat!!!!!! Love you all!!! Miss na namin kayo ni Ma'am Bird... ;p

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miss yah all! SFDMPS!!!!