Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Yeah... Good bye 2008!
Year 2008 had been a good year for me... (I guess so)..
a lot had happened. (new things actually.)

I resigned. Applied for a new job. Yeah, had a NEW JOB. Adjusting in the new environment. (I tell you, that was tough! but see... I'm still here.) I started writing in my blog(s). (and actually enjoying it! especially with the people I met or knew through blogging)

It's really a tough year since I'm no longer in SFDM Parochial School and I missed them so much! (can't remember how many times I told that to myself!) All I have with me are photographs and memories of them.. well, I can actually visit them once in a while but that's different. Do you see my point? (sigh)

Still... a lot had happened. (cannot write it all here) but the point is we are still here.. standing. Yeah, we may say goodbye to 2008 but we shall say hello to this new year ahead of us. :)
Goodluck then! Year 2009.... welcome! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

SWF 9 - midnight sun

I got this shot last December 13 when me and my College friends went out to Mall of Asia after the so-called get together party of our College department. I got mesmerized by the full moon and I can't help myself but to get my camera and snap a shot.
By the way, I hope all the Christians in the world had a wonderful and meaningful celebration of Jesus' birth yesterday.

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Happy SWF! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Have a blessed Christmas to all! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Skywatch 8 - Closer to Heaven

Thank God it's vacation time! (yipee!) Though we have to go to school every once in a while. Well, it's better than having classes and all. (lolz!) I guess my pupils feel the same way. They love the holidays for school is off, even just for a couple of weeks. :)
As for my MA class, tomorrow will be our last class for this year (this December I mean, not this semester) And we have to get ready for our presentation for our second subject, we will execute that come first week of January. Hope it will come out good. :)
Today is Skywatch Friday again, my post for today is a beautiful sunset from different places here in our wonderful province.. Cavite. (Proud to be a Caviteña!)
You can see different Skywatch posts from the different bloggers all around the globe through this link.... Skywatch Friday. Happy Skywatch Friday to all! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Look Ahead

I captured these fireworks shot last Saturday @ Mall of Asia. Me and my College friends had a simple bonding after the so-called get together party but turned out to be a meeting for the Grand Alumni Homecoming of the Psychology Department in our University. Well, it's actually ok because it's been awhile since we last saw each other and it's nice to see them again. :)
Anyway, this tag was passed on me by lyra. (I find it so hard to do this tag.. can't think of anything to write here, actually.)

1. link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. tag 7 people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Random/Weird Things:
1. I am a public elementary school teacher for a couple of months now. (that's normal right? well, I am actually a psychology major. have a license in teaching high school student. while most of our classmates opted to work in the corporate world.. I was one of those few who chose to teach.)
2. I was once a Guidance Counselor for a year (i missed it! so much! That's the only time that I felt like I am actually using all the things that I've learned in the university. Well, I resigned. And applied for the public school. ) I was once a Parochial school teacher and yeah, a Religion teacher (feeling oh so Holy!) :)
3. I love japanese anime! And also Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese dramas! (lolz!)
4. I am now taking up my Masteral of Arts in Education majoring in Special Education (don't have any experience yet in teaching these special kids. though we will be having our practicum.. maybe and hopefully.. next year.)
5. like lyra, I like social networking sites too. I have friendster, multiply, facebook, high-five, tagged, etc etc. (even you tube! hehe!) (talking about addiction! lolz!)
6. I love Harry Potter! But I must say that I got hooked in the Twilight series already!
7. I'm beginning to love photography.. I guess I'm addicted to it already. :p

Tag-- anyone. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

SWF 7 - Vertical Horizon

I would like to share with you a photo that I multiplied (lolz!) Actually, I edited it to have an effect of different hues. The original is the third photo.
I shot this photo on our way home after we watched Twilight at SM Bacoor. I shot this somewhere in Kawit, Cavite. In a place where the government is actually planning to make the fishpond a part of the road project (I'm not sure about this though) but they are putting a mass of sand/land on the water part.. and it looks just like on the photo above.
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My First

This is actually my first ever blog award to date. Honestly, I don't know how to do about it! (lolz!) so I just posted it on my blog just like the one who gave it to me.. (Amiable Amy.. many thanks!) :)
The following brightens my day:
1. Knowing that God never fails to bless me and amaze me for everything that happen to me everyday.
2. A glimpse of him at the church, their store or just anywhere (can you believe it?! he brightens up my day.. without him knowing it!) :(
3. Seeing my family healthy, happy and free from danger.
4. seeing old friends whom I haven't heard news for a long time.
5. A smile, a kiss, a hug from CJ (my nephew/godson).
6. hearing my favorite song/ looking at the beautiful sky (prospect for the skywatch post! lolz!)
7. seeing my former pupils or even just a comment or a message from them.
8. posting on my blog. (having someone commented on my post!)
9. taking pictures of myself, my friends and anyone/anything under the sun.
10. reading the TWILIGHT book.
The are the rules:
1. Write about 10 Things that Brighten Your Day.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Add the link of the person who gave this award.
4. Nominate at least 5 person.
5. Leave message to the nominees.
I pass this tag to : paperdoll, shy, lyra

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight Hang Over

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb..."

That quote is one of those most famous lines (if not the most) in the book/movie Twilight.

Just about an hour earlier, I watched the movie Twilight and I'm still in the frenzy of it!

I can't remember when the Twilight fever started but I started to notice it when my former pupil Caren talked about it on her friendster account and even on her blog... almost everyday! (hehe!) and even my high school friend Rexie, she told me she got addicted to it too! not since, Harry Potter! (hehe!) So, my curiosity heighten when they say that it is the best selling book now, after the Harry Potter Series, and now everyone is talking about the Twilight thing. And I told myself that I have to watch it!

Well, what can I say about the movie? Did I like it? ahmm... I did like it! and still do! Actually, I didn't like it at first when I found out that Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter Movie) is the one who will portray the character of Edward, but when I watched it now... well, he's not that bad at all... he actually looked good and amazingly handsome! (hehe! I ate my word!)

Yeah, I love the movie! I'm looking forward in reading the book! :)
And now, I think I'm in love with Edward! (lolz!) :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

SWF 6 - Moonlight

I am so glad to post again for the Skywatch Friday! (yipee!) I was so frustrated when my computer broke down and I can't find someone who can repair it. Luckily, Kuya Bunso, our neighbor kindly fixed it last Sunday. But it was too late to make a post for that week. Anyway, I know I got so many chances to make a post for the weeks ahead. :)
I shot that photo sometime in November and I was the only passenger on the jeepney (I was riding) going to school where I am working as a teacher. When I saw that it was actually a full moon, I immediately decided to get the digital camera on my bag (it just so happened that I brought it with me) and press on the shutter! (several times! lolz!) Although, I was dissapointed to see a not so full moon on the picture that I capture (hey, I got a rhyme there! hehe..) It did look like a full moon but it is small and not so mesmerizing as I saw it. I don't know how to capture a really great shot of the moon. Maybe it has something to do with the kind of camera you're using. I guess.
Anyway, I shot it so early in the morning because my class starts @ 6:30AM. So, I should be in school @ 6:15 AM.
Have a great weekend! And Happy Skywatch Friday!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teachers' Day

"We teach LITTLE by what we SAY,

we teach MORE by what we DO,

we teach MOST by WHAT WE ARE."

---Let us be a shining light of GOD to every life we touch---

This day is a very important one for us, the teachers, for today we are celebrating OUR DAY!

I remember when I first stand infront of my first ever pupils. I was excited, nervous and all the anticipation drown me into this vast ocean that I thought I will never escape. But all of that immediately fade away (for about a minute or so! lolz!)when I found out how adorable and sweet they are. I will never forget them. And I must say that the have a special space in my heart.
Actually, this will be my first time to experience how teachers' day is celebrated in a public school. Just for this day, we will forget about lesson plans, we will drop our chalks, we will change our teachers uniform to some fabulous outfit! (lolz!) And we shall not forget that we are here to have fun and to release the stress from the previous days of teaching. Just like we did today....

Me and my co-teachers dancing... (infront of the administrators! haha!)

Can you see me? hehe.. I was there, behind someone.. (lolz!)

Can you see me now? (I wasn't there. ) :)

Taking a bow.. after the performance. :)
After this wonderful day, we shall never forget that tomorrow will be another day of teaching and learning.. and another day to inspire and touch the lives of our pupils but most of the time... it is the other way around. (yeah, it is!) :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Nearer

Well, I'm back! Maybe you did not notice my absence (lolz!) Our computer at home had just been repaired (luckily!) I haven't touch the computer since Thursday and I wasn't able to post for the Skywatch Friday this week. :(

And I am also so busy for these past few days because our Teachers' Day is getting nearer and nearer and we are practicing everyday for the presentation. And guess what?... I am going to dance. (ewww!) I can't imagine myself on stage while dancing my head off! The celebration would be on Tuesday, December 2, and we are so excited. Since, we are just new in this field (I mean.. public school), I've noticed that the teachers' day is a big deal for my co- teachers! It is THE DAY. It is really very important to them. Well, now I know how they feel. And I think I understand. (I hope so...) :)

(The above photo was taken from our camping for the BSP and GSP. )

Monday, November 24, 2008

You're Making me Sick

I was so bored today because all I do is to lay on my bed all day. You might think that I am so lazy, but before you misjudged me. Hey, I am sick.. truly sick. I wasn't able to go to work today because I have a fever and I also have cough and a headache (and a little bit dizzy) . Of course, I would like to rest for a day (who wouldn't want that?) but not like this. It's just so sad that I should've been in school teaching my pupils and I really need to be there because we have so many activities that are line up this December. We will be having the Family Day and of course, the Teachers' Day (probably this December 2). I wonder what we are going to do for the presentation of our school. I am hoping for anything but dancing (haha!) I still don't feel very well but I'll try to go to work tomorrow. Anyway, having to lay down all day just making me sick even more. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Skywatch Friday 5 - Remembering

These photos are part of my archives for our District Sports Meet. The sky was not so kind during that time. It was as if the rain's gonna fall down anytime. But despite the not so clear sky, the activity went well and was a success.
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Have a great day! :)
Happy Skywatch! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Skywatch 4 - Phoenix in the Sky

I took these shots @ the Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Silang , Cavite which was the reception area after the baptismal rights of my godson (inaanak).
I love the food! (haha! free advertisement! lolz!)

Anyway, the above photos are my entries for this week's Skywatch Friday.
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Need to get some sleep.. hehe... (so busy lately, no time to post here!) Gotta go! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Skywatch 3 - Line to Heaven

It's been a while since I posted something here. I've been so busy for the past few days. Well, the school started again after a one week semestral break. And also during that time, I've been computing the grades of my pupils and getting ready for the PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference).

Yesterday, our school had the Investiture for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and an overnight camping immediately followed. I was so sleepy today because I only have a two-hour sleep (blame it to the late night scouting program and those stubborn boy scouts who stay awoke until 2 in the morning, and we have to get up at 4 or 5 AM). Me and my co-teacher, who were assigned to guide and keep an eye to a certain group, find it hard to sleep because of so many reasons, the uncomfortable space, unfamiliar environment and of course, the mosquitoes! (hate it! lolz!)

Having a 2-hour sleep and feeling tired and dizzy, I still managed to go home at 6AM to prepare myself for my MA (Masteral Degree) class. I have to travel all the way from Cavite to Manila to attend to my class. (wheew!) Well, I steal some sleep inside the bus on my way to Manila and also, going back home to Cavite. :)

The above photo is my entry for this week's Skywatch Friday.
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Skywatch Friday - Pay it Forward

I shot this photo on our way to one of my pupil's house. She's gonna be part of the school's project, together with a non-government organization, to help those kids who are not lucky enough financially.
I shot this while riding on a pick-up and I was glad that it didn't come out blurred. The above photo is the original picture. I like the view of the field, getting ready for the planting of rice. The second picture is the same as the above photos, I just cropped it to emphasize the sky during sunset. :)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coming Back

Kinder - Love

Grade IV - Saint Lorenzo Ruiz
Grade I Prep - Faith

Today was a very memorable one because I was able (actually, "were", because we are actually two, me and Ms. Bird) to come back to the school where I had formerly teach. I was invited as one of the judges for their Field Demo, it is part of their activity for this month, the Octoberfest (it was formerly the Foundation Day). Each group presented their Field Demo with the theme "Philippine Festival". The presentation starts from the Kindergarten up to Grade VI.
It was so funny because whenever my former pupils saw me, they smiled and waved at me, not minding that it was indeed a competition. :)

I was so proud of them. And even though me and Ms. Bird are no longer part of the school anymore, our hearts will always be with them.

And yeah, I really miss them. :(

I was able to capture some pictures and videos of the Field Demo and some of them are on the above photos.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My First - Sky Watch Friday

a clear sky.. good enough for the WCSU Meet last Thursday October 23, 2008.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

united colors...

Last Wednesday, the annual West Cavite Sports Unit Meet started with the opening ceremony and a parade. It was held at the Convention Center, since our town, General Trias is the host district for this year. It is a three-day activity wherein the pupils/players will try their best to win and take pride of their schools and shall I say, towns! The winning players/athletes will compete next for the Provincial Meet and then Regional... and so on... and of course... the Palarong Pambansa!
The Western part of Cavite is composed of Naic, Tanza, Ternate, Maragondon, Trece Martirez and General Trias.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reading Harry

I am not ashame to say that I love Harry Potter!!!!! And I am aware that more and more book lovers are getting hook to the Twilight Series. And now, even some HP fans are choosing vampires over wizards and witches! Honestly, I haven't read the Twilight series and they say that it is addictive! Well, as for now, I prefer Harry Potter. Errr... there's no need for the two books to be compare anyway because they are from different genres... But still, I will watch the Twilight movie this November just to satisfy my curiosity. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

an autobiography (semi)

As the sun spreads its light, as the flowers bloom and a new day has come... a new life has begun.
It was on the 17th of January year 1983, I was born in a small apartment in Rosario, Cavite. My parents, Victor and Vergie decided to named me Vicky, which came after my father. Then after a month, we moved to my father's hometown., General Trias. After five years, my brother Vergel was born and I was already in kindergarten at that time. I actually forced my mother to send me to school because I was so excited and wondered how it feels like to be in school since all my cousins and playmates were already in school.
I stopped school after I graduated in kindergarten because the teacher in grade one did not allow me for I am too young to be in grade one. Then after a year, they finally admitted me although they're still undecided because I'm only 6 years old. It's just so happened that my birthday falls on January, the start of a new year and its hard hen you're the only pupil who was born in the year 1983 and all of them in the 1982. You're always to be considered as the youngest and my teacher even called me as “saling-pusa” and for that, I have to exert effort to be good in my class. Lucky enough, I became the class first honor. My elementary years had been an exciting and meaningful one. I graduated Salutatorian in elementary.
I went to Governor Ferrer Memorial National High School, the main campus of the only public high school in our municipality. I landed on the section one until my fourth year. After high school, like most of my classmates, I also went to college. I took up BS Industrial Education in Cavite College of Arts and Trades but after one semester, I stopped. I stopped because it wasn't really my desired course and school for that matter. I really dreamed of studying in Manila but our financial situation hinders my dream. And so, I opted to study in Cavite and get a course that I'm not really into.
After two and a half years of stagnation, I'm lucky enough to be given another chance to go back to college. My cousin Joanne actually gave me the idea of taking my chance in Philippine Normal University. Luckily, i passed the exams and so do the interview.
My parents supported me financially and morally. I stayed in Normal Hall Dormitory since first year college. I also take up the course that I want and one of the reason why I went to PNU in the first place. Now, I'm in my fourth year in college and still have months left before the graduation and a couple of requirements to be submitted. And yet, I'm looking forward to graduate, get a job and help my family. Now, I'm getting ready to face the real world.

*I made this during College.. (one of our requirements before graduation!) Hayz... ganun pala ako magsulat... look at the grammar... lolz! :)

and yet... I miss it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

memories of fiesta

Me and Bird before we headed to the church to wait for Ma'amAhlyn and Sir Rodel. :)

Ma'am Jallen, Ma'am Dhee and Ma'am Ahlyn

Of course, the famous tokwa't baboy of Ma'am Jallen! hehe! di yan mawawala! :)

Bird, it's your turn! :)

Syempre ako din! Say cheese! :)

Marvin and Honey, the clowns of the crowd! (haha!) tawa lang kami ng tawa ni Bird sa kanila! :)

It's a memorable day, not only that it is the feast of our patron saint Saint Francis of Assisi, but we got the chance to bond again with our former co-teachers in Parochial.. (di nga lang kami kumpleto! hehe..) Inumaga na nga kami eh! haha! Pero ok lang... minsan nga lang naman. We decided to call it a night (umaga na nga yata eh! haha!) @ 11:30pm and I got home @ 12:30 na yata. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back to Normal

Yeah, right! I know I already decided to shift course but then... I'm back with SPED! (lolz!) I decided to finish it first and then I will decide if I will pursue to take up Guidance.. hayz...
Well, I am a woman. May karapatan akong magbago ng isip! lolz!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This photo was taken last September 18 during the District Meet of General Trias 2. It just so happened that SFDMPS also joined (for the first time) the said event. I, together with Ms. Bird were so excited when we first found about the news! And it also happened that Santiago Elem. School (the school where me and Bird are currently teaching) followed after the SFDMPS in the line (we are just beside them! haha!) Of course, we made kumustahan and all. It's as if, we're still with them. (hehe..) I really missed them.. so much! I hope we can have the time to visit again the school.. so that I can see all of them!!! :)
Top photo: me, ma'am alyn and ma'am bird
Bottom photo: jerome, marky, mm, bryan, jannella, ms. ahlyn, janmae, caren and shiela (christian was also there pero wala sa photo.. suplado! peace! haha!)


I captured this unusual rock formation in Pansol, Laguna (where we had, together with my co-teachers in SFDMPS, our night swimming). I was quite amazed with it and I felt a little bit mystical about it. It looks like a head of a horse or tikbalang (a mystical figure according to Philppine myth, having a head of a horse and a body of a man) or somewhat ahedres (chess).