Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reading Harry

I am not ashame to say that I love Harry Potter!!!!! And I am aware that more and more book lovers are getting hook to the Twilight Series. And now, even some HP fans are choosing vampires over wizards and witches! Honestly, I haven't read the Twilight series and they say that it is addictive! Well, as for now, I prefer Harry Potter. Errr... there's no need for the two books to be compare anyway because they are from different genres... But still, I will watch the Twilight movie this November just to satisfy my curiosity. :)


Layrayski said...

hi vic, you're the second blogger that i've read who wrote about this twilight business. This got me curious. unfortunately we don't have a well stocked book store so I can't check what this twilight is all about. hehehe sayang. i'm interested about vampires too as well as harry potter =)

Vic said...

layrayski - thanks for visiting my blog! :)
yeah, one of my former pupils is really into it! and also one of my bestfriends are going "gaga" over this! haha! :)
i guess, it's really addictive! i haven't read it though. :)

the donG said...

i never tried reading twilight although it is very popular. i dont have enough time to read leisure books this time. but i enjoyed harry potter.

im watching twilight too. i love vampire stories.

Vic said...

the dong - thank for the comment!
yeah, me too! :)

Vic said...

err... i mean, thanks! :)