Saturday, October 11, 2008

memories of fiesta

Me and Bird before we headed to the church to wait for Ma'amAhlyn and Sir Rodel. :)

Ma'am Jallen, Ma'am Dhee and Ma'am Ahlyn

Of course, the famous tokwa't baboy of Ma'am Jallen! hehe! di yan mawawala! :)

Bird, it's your turn! :)

Syempre ako din! Say cheese! :)

Marvin and Honey, the clowns of the crowd! (haha!) tawa lang kami ng tawa ni Bird sa kanila! :)

It's a memorable day, not only that it is the feast of our patron saint Saint Francis of Assisi, but we got the chance to bond again with our former co-teachers in Parochial.. (di nga lang kami kumpleto! hehe..) Inumaga na nga kami eh! haha! Pero ok lang... minsan nga lang naman. We decided to call it a night (umaga na nga yata eh! haha!) @ 11:30pm and I got home @ 12:30 na yata. :)

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