Sunday, October 12, 2008

an autobiography (semi)

As the sun spreads its light, as the flowers bloom and a new day has come... a new life has begun.
It was on the 17th of January year 1983, I was born in a small apartment in Rosario, Cavite. My parents, Victor and Vergie decided to named me Vicky, which came after my father. Then after a month, we moved to my father's hometown., General Trias. After five years, my brother Vergel was born and I was already in kindergarten at that time. I actually forced my mother to send me to school because I was so excited and wondered how it feels like to be in school since all my cousins and playmates were already in school.
I stopped school after I graduated in kindergarten because the teacher in grade one did not allow me for I am too young to be in grade one. Then after a year, they finally admitted me although they're still undecided because I'm only 6 years old. It's just so happened that my birthday falls on January, the start of a new year and its hard hen you're the only pupil who was born in the year 1983 and all of them in the 1982. You're always to be considered as the youngest and my teacher even called me as “saling-pusa” and for that, I have to exert effort to be good in my class. Lucky enough, I became the class first honor. My elementary years had been an exciting and meaningful one. I graduated Salutatorian in elementary.
I went to Governor Ferrer Memorial National High School, the main campus of the only public high school in our municipality. I landed on the section one until my fourth year. After high school, like most of my classmates, I also went to college. I took up BS Industrial Education in Cavite College of Arts and Trades but after one semester, I stopped. I stopped because it wasn't really my desired course and school for that matter. I really dreamed of studying in Manila but our financial situation hinders my dream. And so, I opted to study in Cavite and get a course that I'm not really into.
After two and a half years of stagnation, I'm lucky enough to be given another chance to go back to college. My cousin Joanne actually gave me the idea of taking my chance in Philippine Normal University. Luckily, i passed the exams and so do the interview.
My parents supported me financially and morally. I stayed in Normal Hall Dormitory since first year college. I also take up the course that I want and one of the reason why I went to PNU in the first place. Now, I'm in my fourth year in college and still have months left before the graduation and a couple of requirements to be submitted. And yet, I'm looking forward to graduate, get a job and help my family. Now, I'm getting ready to face the real world.

*I made this during College.. (one of our requirements before graduation!) Hayz... ganun pala ako magsulat... look at the grammar... lolz! :)

and yet... I miss it!

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