Friday, February 20, 2009

Skywatch 15 - Skies @ Clark Air Base

Here are some of the photos that I got from the 14th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Airbase in Pampanga. I captured these photos before the hot air balloon events. So, these were just the sky and the kites. This event's theme was : "Weekend of Everything That Flies". So, there goes the kites! (aside from the hot air balloons, of course!)

I shot the first photo using my digital camera and the last two photos were from my cellphone camera. We had fun during the event and the trip in general. I am looking forward for the next stop. (hopefully somewhere in the north.. like Baguio?!)
You can view a lot of other skies around the globe through this link... Skywatch Friday!
Happy Skywatch Friday! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More from the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

This was a stolen shot by the way (haha!) . I saw it from Emghie's friendster account (a College friend). I couldn't remember what were we looking at during that time. :)

hmmm... one of the soldiers is looking at us! (LOLx!) We enjoyed the picture taking with the planes and the tanks! :)
Anyway, below are some of the hot air balloons... in close up! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

My College friends and I went to the 14th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta last Sunday February 15 (which is actually the last day) in Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. Actually one of my friends is from Pampanga and she'd been attending this annual event for three years now. We envied her so much when we saw her pictures in her friendster account! (LoLx!) That is why I am so happy when they (my College buddies) told me about it.

We actually went there in the afternoon. I attended the 7:30 AM mass first and then by 10:00, I'm on my way to Manila (LRT Central) to meet up with Jam and then we headed to Doroteo Jose Station wherein Apple was waiting us. There, we looked for the Terminal of Philippine Rabbit and we rode to the bus going to Dau. We stopped at the Shell Station and then we rode a jeepney to SM Clark (wherein we met up with Jeny and her family. We met up with Emghie at the event) and rode another jeep to Clark Freeport Zone!

Here are some of the photos that I've taken in the event. Most of it were from my cellphone camera (the only one from my digicam is the one on top). When I used my digicam, it was actually dark and I couldn't see the hot air balloon, so my cellphone came to the rescue! We loved the hot air balloon but they did not let it fly (they said the wind was too strong) We just satisfy ourselves with the lightning and the amazing colors and those huge balloons! :)

The event ended at 7:00 PM. But we waited for another hour waiting for a jeep headed to SM Clark and then to the Terminal in Dau wherein a lot of people were actually waiting for the bus off to Pasay (we didn't want to stand in the bus! Besides, the journey is too long and we were so tired). We waited until 9:00Pm and then Jeny decided to let us go to San Fernando wherein there's another terminal. So, there we finally had a seat. We reached Pasay @ past 11:00PM. My friend and I rode another bus off to Baclaran. She's going to ParaƱaque and me, ofcourse, in Cavite. Let's just say that I arrived in my house at around 1 AM. And yes, my class starts at 6:30 in themorning.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Skywatch 14 - Blue Skies

I just got home from work. Actually, my co-teachers and I had some bonding together. We usually do this every Friday just to relax and to lessen the tension of the past days. We had dinner together in a Tapsihan near EPZA and then we decided to have some Videoke time. But when we got in the mall, all the booths were reserved. (Such a shame! I'm so excited to sing! LOLx!) So, we just hang out in our town plaza instead. And these are the moments that made me smile. :)

Now, here's another reason to smile! It's Skywatch Friday again! That view was the same as my post last week. The only difference is that, I got these shots in the afternoon (about 1 or 2 pm) while the other one was a sunset. :)

If you want to smile even more, just click the image of the Skywatch Friday below to view the other posts for this week. Happy Skywatching! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flower 101

I didn't know what get into me but I'm starting to make fond of taking pictures of flowers and the sky. Even one of my blogger friends asked me about it.. of course, because of Skywatch Friday but aside from that.. I simply loved it! Yeah, it's beginning to be an outlet. An outlet for what? Well, I'm just starting to unleash the weirdness side of me.. (hehe..) :)

This weekend, (yeah, Valentines Day!) my College friends and I planned to have a Pampanga getaway (woot! woo!) I hope I can capture some wonderful sceneries there and of course, our moments together. I'm so excited! Can't wait to go out from the vicinity of Cavite! (LOLx!)

These flowers are from my aunt's collection of flowering plants. I just stole a moment to capture this last Saturday.

Hope you guys had a nice day! :)


I just remembered that my blogger friend Beth tagged me with this.. but I also realized that it was somewhat related to my former post, the tagged from Lyra. So I am only changing the title from Random/Weird Facts About Me to 6 Things People Don't Know About Me.. ang yes, a little editing on some parts.

6 Things People Don't Know About Me:

1. I am a public elementary school teacher for a couple of months now. (that's normal right? well, I am actually a psychology major. have a license in teaching high school student. while most of our classmates opted to work in the corporate world.. I was one of those few who chose to teach.)

2. I was once a Guidance Counselor for a year (i missed it! so much! That's the only time that I felt like I am actually using all the things that I've learned in the university. Well, I resigned. And applied for the public school. ) I was once a Parochial school teacher and yeah, a Religion teacher (feeling oh so Holy!) :)

3. I love japanese anime! And also Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese dramas! (lolz!)

4. I am now taking up my Masteral of Arts in Education majoring in Special Education (don't have any experience yet in teaching these special kids. though we will be having our practicum.. maybe and hopefully.. next year.)

5. like lyra, I like social networking sites too. I have friendster (very active), multiply (somewhat active), facebook (starting to be active), high-five (not active), tagged (not active), flickr (a little)etc etc. (even youtube! hehe!) (talking about addiction! lolz!)

6. I love Harry Potter! But I must say that I got hooked in the Twilight series already! (Yes, a certified addict!)

7. I'm beginning to love photography.. I guess I'm addicted to it already. :p (have to erase the last, it should only be 6 right! nevertheless, keep it! LOLx!))

Tag-- anyone. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Skywatch 13 - "Takipsilim"

I thought I wouldn't be able to post for this week's Skywatch Friday. Our internet connection was a little bit shaky since 2 o'clock in the afternoon (that's according to my brother) and then when I'm about to use the computer it was totally not connected! I just shut it (the computer) down and then after a couple of minutes, I turn it on again and finally, the connection is already working! :)

I took this shot while waiting for a jeepney from the school where I am currently teaching. I usually missed the sunset but for that day... I was lucky enough to caught a glimpse of it. And I just used my cellphone camera.

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Happy Skywatch Friday! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

White Flower

As of this writing, my eyes are already beginning to give up (LOLx!) I've spent a couple of hours to upload those photos from my cellphone to then I have to save it again on my computer then upload it again on photobucket (to have my name printed on it) and then upload it back to flicker. And now, I picked one for my today's post. I know it's kinda blurred. But I still would like to share it to you. (hehe!) Actually, I took this shot in the school where I am teaching. One of my co-teachers saw me and ask my other co-teacher what I was doing. They thought I'm crazy! (hahaha!) Imagine, taking pictures of flowers and the sky! (It's not everyday that they see someone like me. (Lolz!)

Yeah, I don't have photoshop yet and I'm finding a hard time to look for a usb cable/cord for my cp. :)

Well, that's all for today. Good Day guys! Gotta sleep now.. :)