Monday, February 16, 2009

14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

My College friends and I went to the 14th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta last Sunday February 15 (which is actually the last day) in Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. Actually one of my friends is from Pampanga and she'd been attending this annual event for three years now. We envied her so much when we saw her pictures in her friendster account! (LoLx!) That is why I am so happy when they (my College buddies) told me about it.

We actually went there in the afternoon. I attended the 7:30 AM mass first and then by 10:00, I'm on my way to Manila (LRT Central) to meet up with Jam and then we headed to Doroteo Jose Station wherein Apple was waiting us. There, we looked for the Terminal of Philippine Rabbit and we rode to the bus going to Dau. We stopped at the Shell Station and then we rode a jeepney to SM Clark (wherein we met up with Jeny and her family. We met up with Emghie at the event) and rode another jeep to Clark Freeport Zone!

Here are some of the photos that I've taken in the event. Most of it were from my cellphone camera (the only one from my digicam is the one on top). When I used my digicam, it was actually dark and I couldn't see the hot air balloon, so my cellphone came to the rescue! We loved the hot air balloon but they did not let it fly (they said the wind was too strong) We just satisfy ourselves with the lightning and the amazing colors and those huge balloons! :)

The event ended at 7:00 PM. But we waited for another hour waiting for a jeep headed to SM Clark and then to the Terminal in Dau wherein a lot of people were actually waiting for the bus off to Pasay (we didn't want to stand in the bus! Besides, the journey is too long and we were so tired). We waited until 9:00Pm and then Jeny decided to let us go to San Fernando wherein there's another terminal. So, there we finally had a seat. We reached Pasay @ past 11:00PM. My friend and I rode another bus off to Baclaran. She's going to ParaƱaque and me, ofcourse, in Cavite. Let's just say that I arrived in my house at around 1 AM. And yes, my class starts at 6:30 in themorning.


Louise said...

Very cool. We have the exact same event here in October. There is just nothing like it.

Layrayski said...

That looks like a fun way to have spent my birthday =) I don't believe we have similar event here in Butuan. Too bad. Do they allow paying passengers if the weather permits?

Vic said...

louise - really?! wow! yeah, this event is amazing! :)

lyra - yeah, dapat nga umattend ka nito! hehe! a nice gift for yourself! yeah, they allow it but the cost is too expensive. :)