Friday, February 6, 2009

Skywatch 13 - "Takipsilim"

I thought I wouldn't be able to post for this week's Skywatch Friday. Our internet connection was a little bit shaky since 2 o'clock in the afternoon (that's according to my brother) and then when I'm about to use the computer it was totally not connected! I just shut it (the computer) down and then after a couple of minutes, I turn it on again and finally, the connection is already working! :)

I took this shot while waiting for a jeepney from the school where I am currently teaching. I usually missed the sunset but for that day... I was lucky enough to caught a glimpse of it. And I just used my cellphone camera.

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Happy Skywatch Friday! :)


payatot said...

nauna na naman ako sayo..mahilig ka talaga sa litrato..pati takipsilim nagawan mo ng entry..ayos na po teacher, baka ang lesson plan napapabayaan ha..ehehehe

Darla said...

Pretty good for a cell phone!

alicesg said...

Very lovely photo for SWF. Love the beautiful colours of the sky. Glad that your PC is working again. :)

D Herrod said...

What a beautiful sunset.

chanpheng said...

Lovely photo and very restful for the end of a day.

Dewdrop said...

Such tranquility. This is lovely. I am so thrilled that you shared it!

On a cell phone? Wow!

Indrani said...

You have a good cell phone and the pic is sooo beautiful!

fishing guy said...

Vicky: Nice sunset around the neat tree.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Nice shot, glad you got to post it.

FickleMinded said...

ang ganda naman ng pagkalitrato mo, kahit anong klaseng camera ang gamitin, basta sunset, you can't go wrong.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Glad your internet is back hate it when i have internet problems. Love the photos of the sky

kalyo galera said...

ganda o.O

next time, pag wla uli connection net mo, disable mo lang yung connection
tapos anabel ulit :D

Lene said...

Is that a cellphone picture? You catched the sunset great!

Happy weekend :)

John said...

Lovely photo!

Babooshka said...

It's a beauty for a cell. So glad you got to post it.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Miss Vicky, you really did a great job hiding the sun from the trees I love it! This is a familliar place for me. Santiago? I always pass these beautiful fields on my way home from the university!


Vic said...

payatot - oo nga eh! first honor ka na naman! hehe! :)
about the LP, di naman po! hehe! :)

darla - thanks! :)

aliceg - yeah, thank God too! :)

D Herrod - thanks! :)

chanpeng - restful indeed. thanks! :)

dewdrop - thanks! so glad that my cellphonme really did save me. :)

indrani - thanks! :)

fishing guy - thanks! :)

debbie @ like a rose - thank you so much. :)

fickleminded - salamat po. :) yeah, susnset is a very good subject! :)

lilli and amp - yeah, thank God! :)

kalyo galera - salamat! ah, ganun ba yun? hehe! :)

lene - yes, it is! thanks. happy weekend too! :)

john - thanks! :)

babooshka - thank you so very much. :)

steven - salamat steven! actually, di ko naman yun sinadya. hehe! yep, sa santiago nga! ang walang katapusang palayan! :)

P-TER said...

Beautiful picture !
Nice weekend.

vanvan said...

wow, napapawow talaga ako kapag sunset..

Vic said...

P-TER - thanks! hope you had a nice weekend! :)

vanvan - hehe! wow talaga! :)

paperdoll said...

mam! muli po acong nagpaparamdam. . namimis co ang kalangitan dito eh. . hehe

nagkakaganyan din madalas ang connection co kaya bihira na rin aco nakkadalaw. .

itatanong co lang. . hindi co alam kung naitanong co na noon. . bakit po ang hilig nyo kuwanan ang sky bukod sa dahilan na maganda sya. .?

Vic said...

paperdoll - hi manika! buti naman at nabuhay ka ulit! hehe! :)

oo nga! badtrip kapag sira ang connection ng smarties! hehe! :)

ah, about dun sa sky.. every friday kasi pwede ka mag-join sa skywatch friday.. wherein makikita ng mga taga-ibang countries yung post mo.. and vice versa.. punta ka lang sa

actually, nakita ko lang siya dati kay steven (cavite daily photo) :)
pwede ka din mag-join masaya siya! :)

Elizabeth said...

beautiful! to think it was taken from a cp cam. what more if from slr cam ha? keep it up!

Louise said...

What a treat when you don't usually see the sunset!

Have you seen the Today's Flowers meme? If you like to photograph flowers, you might like that, too. I don't do it personally, but lots of SkyWatch people do, so I'm sure you will bump into the link if you check some of those--especially ones earlier in the SWF list--if you don't already know about it.

Vic said...

beth - thank you for appreciating! :)

louise - yeah, thanks for the info. Maybe, i'll try that too! thanks for visiting! :)