Friday, February 20, 2009

Skywatch 15 - Skies @ Clark Air Base

Here are some of the photos that I got from the 14th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Airbase in Pampanga. I captured these photos before the hot air balloon events. So, these were just the sky and the kites. This event's theme was : "Weekend of Everything That Flies". So, there goes the kites! (aside from the hot air balloons, of course!)

I shot the first photo using my digital camera and the last two photos were from my cellphone camera. We had fun during the event and the trip in general. I am looking forward for the next stop. (hopefully somewhere in the north.. like Baguio?!)
You can view a lot of other skies around the globe through this link... Skywatch Friday!
Happy Skywatch Friday! :)


kazu said...

Great shots!

nadia said...

Great pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them. Hope you enjoyed the show in Pampanga.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a cool event! Love the 1st shot.

payatot said...

hi ma'm, sa tv o napanood yang mga yan..nagpunta ka ba doon ma'm..tindi mo talaga ano? nakuhana mo pa rin ng pix..

Vic said...

kazu - thanks!

nadia - thanks! yeah, I did! :)

secret mom thoughts - it was. thanks! :)

payatot - hello po! oo nga, sobrang saya ko kasi naka-attend ako ng event na yon! hehe! :)

Anney said...

Nice pictures! Yung mga kites para lang silang mga tuldok sa sky. maganda pagka kuha kahit cel lang o digi cam.

the donG said...

the last two photos still looks good. i wonder what cellphone you're using.

Vic said...

anney - haha! actually, tama ka jan! parang tuldok lang sila! thanks anney! :)

dong - thanks dong! actually, my cp is just a normal nokia phone with camera. nothing fancy. :)

Tim Parish said...

Nice photos Vicky - having aircraft in the same shot seemed vaguely appropriate! An airfield would be a great place to exhibit 'anything that flies' - and definitely for kites.

We make a point of catching the Adelaide kite festival here in Adelaide. The next one will be in the last week of March '09. We will be writing it up, and sharing a whole bunch of photos on our website as usual.