Monday, February 9, 2009

Flower 101

I didn't know what get into me but I'm starting to make fond of taking pictures of flowers and the sky. Even one of my blogger friends asked me about it.. of course, because of Skywatch Friday but aside from that.. I simply loved it! Yeah, it's beginning to be an outlet. An outlet for what? Well, I'm just starting to unleash the weirdness side of me.. (hehe..) :)

This weekend, (yeah, Valentines Day!) my College friends and I planned to have a Pampanga getaway (woot! woo!) I hope I can capture some wonderful sceneries there and of course, our moments together. I'm so excited! Can't wait to go out from the vicinity of Cavite! (LOLx!)

These flowers are from my aunt's collection of flowering plants. I just stole a moment to capture this last Saturday.

Hope you guys had a nice day! :)


I just remembered that my blogger friend Beth tagged me with this.. but I also realized that it was somewhat related to my former post, the tagged from Lyra. So I am only changing the title from Random/Weird Facts About Me to 6 Things People Don't Know About Me.. ang yes, a little editing on some parts.

6 Things People Don't Know About Me:

1. I am a public elementary school teacher for a couple of months now. (that's normal right? well, I am actually a psychology major. have a license in teaching high school student. while most of our classmates opted to work in the corporate world.. I was one of those few who chose to teach.)

2. I was once a Guidance Counselor for a year (i missed it! so much! That's the only time that I felt like I am actually using all the things that I've learned in the university. Well, I resigned. And applied for the public school. ) I was once a Parochial school teacher and yeah, a Religion teacher (feeling oh so Holy!) :)

3. I love japanese anime! And also Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese dramas! (lolz!)

4. I am now taking up my Masteral of Arts in Education majoring in Special Education (don't have any experience yet in teaching these special kids. though we will be having our practicum.. maybe and hopefully.. next year.)

5. like lyra, I like social networking sites too. I have friendster (very active), multiply (somewhat active), facebook (starting to be active), high-five (not active), tagged (not active), flickr (a little)etc etc. (even youtube! hehe!) (talking about addiction! lolz!)

6. I love Harry Potter! But I must say that I got hooked in the Twilight series already! (Yes, a certified addict!)

7. I'm beginning to love photography.. I guess I'm addicted to it already. :p (have to erase the last, it should only be 6 right! nevertheless, keep it! LOLx!))

Tag-- anyone. :)


payatot said...

euphorbia ang tawag dyan sa halaman na yan o bulaklak..trivia...

paperdoll said...

wow! galing ng payatot na to. . haha. .

wow! may date si mam. . lol. . pampanga pa. .hehehe. . ewan co kung babae ung college friend mo. . hehe. .

nakakaakit nga naman talaga ang sky. . kaso mam hindi co nasisilayan ang araw madalas kasi hindi naman aco nakkalabas ng bahay. . hehehe. . sayang at mukhang masaya pa naman skywatchfriday. . try co minsan :D salamat;)

Vic said...

payatot - thanks for the info! at salamat sa palaging pagbisita. :)

paperdoll - ngek! college barkada ko yung mga yun! hehe! wala lang! trip lang magkaron ng sariling reunion! :)

yep, tama ka jan! adik na nga ata ako sa kapi-picture! at masaya talaga! :)

Anney said...

Alam mo mahilig din ako mag picture. Actually meron akong DSLR camera kaya lang yung point and shoot ang lagi ko ginagamit.Nag aaral pako gamitin yung isa. Gusto ko nga bumili ng magandang macro lens ang mahal naman! pag iipunan ko na lang! hehehe! Type ko din mag picture ng mga flowers siguro one of these days e gagawin ko.

the donG said...

this gives us a lot of facts about you. one can appreciate a person even thru simple things like this. i too collected the harry potter series.

Vic said...

anney - yeah, i'll wait for your post! :)

the dong - yeah, hehe! HP? Really? One of my favorites! :)

the donG said...

gusto mo rin pala ng mga anime. napanood mo na ba ang deathnote?

Vic said...

dong- not yet. maganda ba yun? :)