Sunday, March 1, 2009

Orchid on the Road

As you can see, this is an orchid. I took this shot while waiting for a jeepney on my way to school where I am teaching. I shot this early in the morning, the sun is not yet shining.. well, not much light is in here. And yeah, this is our place. We don't actually live in the town proper. :)


payatot said...

ganda naman, parang bagong gising na babae ang post mo kase nga orchids!

Anney said...

Ang ganda ha! parang sumilip yung orchids sa camera kasi yung background nya e malawak.

the donG said...

so does it mean the orchid comes from your background.

i remember my mom's orchids in the province.

Vic said...

payatot - thanks! ganun b yon? haha! :)

anney - hehe! salamat anney! :)

dong - ahmm... yep. haha! :)

Thanks for the visit! :)))

Layrayski said...

very nice capture vicky. kagaya ang comment ko kang payatot hehehe