Friday, March 20, 2009

A to Z About Me

hahaha! just playing with my phone camera! :)

Something for fun!

This is a tag from Anney. Thanks for tagging me Anney! This is a long one! Just copy and paste then replace my answers with your own and tag as many of your friends as you'd like.

- Available: nope. haha! (of course, yes!)
- Age: twenty something.. LOLx
- Annoyance: impolite people
- Beer: err... nope.
- Birthday: in the first month of the year..
- Blind or Deaf: luckily not.
- Best weather: Windy
- Believe in Magic: yes! there's nothing wrong in hoping, right?!
- Believe in Santa: nope. I still think that Jesus should be the real symbol of Christmas. :)
- Candy: yep. mint! :)
- Color: black, white, pink!
- Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup! yummy! :)
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Filipino! (haha!)
- Cake or pie: hmm... pie!
- Continent to visit: I fancy Europe! (hope I will be able to go there!)
- Cheese: yup! Queso! :)
- Day or Night: night (I love to sleep! haha!)
- Dancing in the rain: err... nope!
- Eyes: dark brown
- Everyone's got: a choice (talking 'bout existentialism!)
- Ever failed a class: nope. :)
- First thoughts waking up: Is it morning already? :)
- Greatest Fear: seeing a frog.. promise!
- Goals: to have a simple yet productive life with the people I love.
- Gum: not really into it.. :)
- Get along with your parents: yep! :)
- Hair Color: darkest of brown..
-Height: 5’3’
- Happy: hmmm.... yep!
- Holiday: being with the family
- How do you want to die: how morbid! I'll give it all to GOD!
- Ice Cream: I can't live without it! haha!
- Instrument: musical? don't know how to play... not even one. I wished I do.
- Jewelry: earrings
- Job: educator
- Kids: none..
- Kickboxing or karate: I wished I know how! That's one of my dreams!
-Keep a journal: sometimes..
-Love: is GOD.
- Laughed so hard you cried: haha! sometimes..
-Milk flavor: yep! :)
- Movies: adventure (like superhero movies) . fantasy (like Harry Potter). romance/comedy/drama (like the korean movies)
-Motion sickness: never a problem.
-McD’s or BK: Love ko to! :)
- Number: 17! :)
- One wish: (sigh) secret... haha! :)
- Pepsi/Coke: Coca Cola
- Perfect Pizza: thin crust
- Piercings: just ears
- Quail: just fine..
- Reality T.V.: love it! like Survivor..
- Radio Station: RX... esp. Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar! :)
- Roll your tongue in a circle: what?? haha! :)
- Ring size: I don't like rings. (haha!)
- Song: rock. rnb. pop
- Shoe size: 8
- Salad Dressing: Mayo
- Sushi: ahmm... just ok.
- In the "Shower": I sing.. haha! like Rin on the Rox without the video! :)
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries! :)
- Tattoos: none
- Time for bed: 9 - 10 PM
- Thunderstorms: fear it! scary..
- Unpredictable: my so-called life.
- Vacation spot(s): anywhere in the Philippines! (here first!)
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: none! we are all unique!
- Worst feeling: heartbroken
- Worst Weather: stormy one.
- X-Rays: fine.. :)
-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: bright mood, positive vibe!
- is for: Zoom, right Anney! haha!
- Zoo animal: Lion? haha! :)

I'm now tagging anyone who wants to grab this! Have fun! :)


payatot said...

ay ang galing naman, availabale pa pala si ma'm vics..ang ganda ng pix sa bed, akala ko nagpapahinga ka na nun ma'm, yun pala nakatuwaan mo lang ang pon mo..hahahaha

the donG said...

kaka intriga yung one wish na yun ah. hehehe.... thanks for sharing those small things about yourself.

Anney said...

Thanks for posting this Vic! I've learned a lot about you.oi talaga greatest fear mo e seeing a frog? Ano ka ba baka mamaya yun na yung prince charming mo nag aantay lang ng halik. hehehe!

RonCavitenio said...

Nice meanings ha. Thanks vic sa mga comments and pagbisita mo sa blog ko.

Vic said...

payatot - haha! :)
di po yan sa bed, sa table po yan ng co-teacher ko. :)

dong - haha! nakakaintriga ba? actually, di naman masyado.. :) salamat din sa pagdaan. :)

anney - takot talaga ako dun eversince. haha! ganun, frog prince lang pala katapat ko. makahanap nga..hehe! :)

ron - you're welcome! syempre, kababayan eh! hehe. :) keep on posting ha! :)

thanks guys for the visit and nice comments!!! :)