Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

Okay, this tag is actually long overdued. I've been tagged by Dee, a blogger friend from Indonesia. Let's just say that I was quite busy and yeah, don't really know what to write in here. (LOLx) Well, maybe 25 is not enough to say all the things about me. As the writing goes, I will write it randomly. Whatever that just pop in my mind by this time. All I can assure you is that.. this is me. Maybe more.. but not less. :)

Here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I am a Filipino.. a Filipina for that matter. I'm pure CaviteƱa by heart. My mother is from Leyte and my father is from Cavite. (Well, I never been to my mother's hometown.. though I wished I had)
2. I am a teacher. (You probably knew that already.)
3. I love to sing. (Actually, a lot of people told me that I can sing. Yeah, right! haha! Maybe, I can carry a tune but I'm not really that confident to sing infront of many people!)
4. I learned to ride a bike when I was already eighteen. Can consider a late bloomer actually. And can you imagine that I learned it alone and inside our house! You can imagine how crazy I was.. and yeah, I am! haha!
5. I'm an anime freak when I was a kid. And yeah, until now! such an oldies actually. I'm into dragon balls, ghost fighter, mask man, shaider, bio man (and many other japanese action series on that genre!)
6. I was a dancer when I was in elementary. Yeah, you read it right.. was. haha! I'm not into dancing! I mean, really!
7. I did enjoy my childhood. I played on the streets with my neighbors and cousins. From patintero to tumbang preso to taguan.. and many other games that they call it nowadays as palaro ng lahi or palarong pinoy. I did enjoy it!
8. I live with my relatives. It's not that we live in one house. Of course, I live with my parents but we also live with my relatives in just one compound. Can you imagine that all my neighbors are my relatives? haha! I guess, most of the Filipino families live this way.
9. I love poetry. Eversince high school, it was actually my frustration to write a poem. I never ever wrote a single one when I was in high school. But I got to wrote one when I was already eighteen.. (yeah, a milestone! haha!)
10. I am a bookworm. Can you imagine that I got frustrated when I got out of a bookstore with no good books on my hand? Yeah, I'm just so lucky that I still have a 20-20 vision.
11. I'm a frustrated writer. When I finally realized that I can write a poem, that's when I started to write a short story.. mostly in Tagalog. But I guess, I'm not good enough on that craft. Well, maybe I can.. maybe not.
12. I laugh so loud. It's kinda embarassing that I will just cover my mouth after I laugh because they will just look at me and we will just start laughing again. They said that I really have a strange laugh. harhar!
13. I don't know how to swim. Well, I'm not really sure about this one, though. If I survived, I can... but If I got drown, well, yeah, maybe I didn't know how. LOLx!
14. I dreamed a lot. I'm referring to dreams at night, I mean. Almost every night. I know that some people don't really dream. I'm okay with it as long as it's not nightmares! yeah, scary!
15. I loved/want to travel. I want to get out from the vicinity of Cavite! It's not that I don't like it in here.. of course, I love Cavite! but I just want to see other places.. maybe the farthest that I've gone through was in Nueva Ecija. :)
16. I love photography. I love taking pictures. I don't consider myself as a photographer.. just plain photo enthusiast. haha!
17. I'm such a quiet person. I can let time flies just by shutting my mouth.
18. I'm a loner. I don't mind being alone.
19. I love my friends. As for number 18: of course, it wouldn't hurt if I have company.. like my friends!
20. I am a frustrated Valedictorian (elementary). Let's just say that I got the first honors from grade one to grade five but in grade six. Well, that's life. I already moved on. I already faced that part of my life. And I realized that medals, awards or recognition are not the only things that matters in life! :)
21. I love music. I said earlier that I love to sing. Of course, I also loved music. Any genre!
22. I love my Nokia 7210 Supernova. It may not be the most expensive and the most updated cellphone around... but I loved it.. especially because of its camera and mp3! :)
23. I love blogging. I just couldn't thank myself more for having the courage to start a blog. Having to meet and gain new friends and just to be able to share what I love doing the most! :)
24. I'm a graduate of Philippine Normal University - Manila. I am just truly proud and bless that I am a PNUan. I must say that PNU changed my whole personality. From a scared little one.. it helped me to emerge from my shell and came out from my own little world. I just hope that the university will continue to relive its mission and vision for their dear students. :)
25. I am a Psych Major. Go PNU Psych! Viva Sikolohiya! :)

Well, it's kinda long actually. Took me hours to finished it! haha!
Guess, I will just tag anyone who want to do this. :)


payatot said...

buti ka pa nag enjoy nung bata ka pa! ako naman e di gaano kaya ayan naiinggit ata ako sayo..

isa pang napansin ko sayo ma'm vics ay itong lay out mo..ang ganda na ah! buti naman at nagpalit ka kase ang skit sa mata ng black mo dati..sori ha pero ok na ngayon ma'm vics...

Anney said...

Thanks for sharing all of these, Vic! Ayan dami ko nalaman tungkol sayo.

Vic said...

payatot - batang kalye kasi ako nung maliit pa ako! haha! :)
oo nga, hehe! napansin ko din yun! atleast, di na sumasakit ang mata mo. :)

anney - haha! ganun?! wala lang. trip trip lang yan. para ngang I open myself too much.. hmmm.. di naman siguro masyado. :)

guys, thanks for visiting! :)

the donG said...

"I laugh so loud.">>> this is the coolest in the list. hehehe...

good that you've kept your vision well. not for me. as early as grade four im already wearing eyeglasses.

Vic said...

dong - haha! really now! haha! :)

really? yup, too bad. but atleast, you can still read all the books you want. :)

thanks again for always visiting my site! :)

Elizabeth said...

kutwa ung Grade 6 valedictorian issue ha? me ganyan din ako, teka nga maishare pag ginawa ko na yang tag na yan...salamat nga pala sa dalaw ha?

Vic said...

beth - hehe... talaga? may kanya kanya talaga tayong isyu noh! haha! :)