Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coming Back

Kinder - Love

Grade IV - Saint Lorenzo Ruiz
Grade I Prep - Faith

Today was a very memorable one because I was able (actually, "were", because we are actually two, me and Ms. Bird) to come back to the school where I had formerly teach. I was invited as one of the judges for their Field Demo, it is part of their activity for this month, the Octoberfest (it was formerly the Foundation Day). Each group presented their Field Demo with the theme "Philippine Festival". The presentation starts from the Kindergarten up to Grade VI.
It was so funny because whenever my former pupils saw me, they smiled and waved at me, not minding that it was indeed a competition. :)

I was so proud of them. And even though me and Ms. Bird are no longer part of the school anymore, our hearts will always be with them.

And yeah, I really miss them. :(

I was able to capture some pictures and videos of the Field Demo and some of them are on the above photos.


the donG said...

hahaha... those were the days when our parents can ask us to wear those costumes while our teachers asks us to dance!

Vic said...

yeah, haha! :)
malamang paglaki nila pagtatawanan na lang nila yun pag naalala nila. :)
love those kids! :)

Mary said...

The children are adorable and I love their proud you must have been of all of them!

Vic said...

yeah, you're right! so much! :)