Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Yeah... Good bye 2008!
Year 2008 had been a good year for me... (I guess so)..
a lot had happened. (new things actually.)

I resigned. Applied for a new job. Yeah, had a NEW JOB. Adjusting in the new environment. (I tell you, that was tough! but see... I'm still here.) I started writing in my blog(s). (and actually enjoying it! especially with the people I met or knew through blogging)

It's really a tough year since I'm no longer in SFDM Parochial School and I missed them so much! (can't remember how many times I told that to myself!) All I have with me are photographs and memories of them.. well, I can actually visit them once in a while but that's different. Do you see my point? (sigh)

Still... a lot had happened. (cannot write it all here) but the point is we are still here.. standing. Yeah, we may say goodbye to 2008 but we shall say hello to this new year ahead of us. :)
Goodluck then! Year 2009.... welcome! :)

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