Friday, December 5, 2008

SWF 6 - Moonlight

I am so glad to post again for the Skywatch Friday! (yipee!) I was so frustrated when my computer broke down and I can't find someone who can repair it. Luckily, Kuya Bunso, our neighbor kindly fixed it last Sunday. But it was too late to make a post for that week. Anyway, I know I got so many chances to make a post for the weeks ahead. :)
I shot that photo sometime in November and I was the only passenger on the jeepney (I was riding) going to school where I am working as a teacher. When I saw that it was actually a full moon, I immediately decided to get the digital camera on my bag (it just so happened that I brought it with me) and press on the shutter! (several times! lolz!) Although, I was dissapointed to see a not so full moon on the picture that I capture (hey, I got a rhyme there! hehe..) It did look like a full moon but it is small and not so mesmerizing as I saw it. I don't know how to capture a really great shot of the moon. Maybe it has something to do with the kind of camera you're using. I guess.
Anyway, I shot it so early in the morning because my class starts @ 6:30AM. So, I should be in school @ 6:15 AM.
Have a great weekend! And Happy Skywatch Friday!
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fishing guy said...

Vicky: That was as good as your camera will do so be happy with the results. I'm glad you got your computer problem fixed.

Gretchen said...

Nice shot. I need to get a new laptop. Sure hope Santa listens and that lovely purple Dell is waiting under the tree!

Mariz said...

Thanks for the visit! That moon appeared too early..hihi.

imac said...

Super shot well captued, glad your puter is fixed.

Vic said...

fishing guy - really, wow! thanks! yeah, i can't afford to miss another SWF! :)

gretchen - hi there! thanks! yeah, i'd like to have that too! :)

mariz - no prob! yeah, it's still there! :)

imac - gee, thanks! :)

paperdoll said...

maganda naman. . akala co nung una star na makinang. . hehe. . but it still shines. . nice shot mam. .

Vic said...

thanks paper doll! hehe! :)