Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight Hang Over

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb..."

That quote is one of those most famous lines (if not the most) in the book/movie Twilight.

Just about an hour earlier, I watched the movie Twilight and I'm still in the frenzy of it!

I can't remember when the Twilight fever started but I started to notice it when my former pupil Caren talked about it on her friendster account and even on her blog... almost everyday! (hehe!) and even my high school friend Rexie, she told me she got addicted to it too! not since, Harry Potter! (hehe!) So, my curiosity heighten when they say that it is the best selling book now, after the Harry Potter Series, and now everyone is talking about the Twilight thing. And I told myself that I have to watch it!

Well, what can I say about the movie? Did I like it? ahmm... I did like it! and still do! Actually, I didn't like it at first when I found out that Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter Movie) is the one who will portray the character of Edward, but when I watched it now... well, he's not that bad at all... he actually looked good and amazingly handsome! (hehe! I ate my word!)

Yeah, I love the movie! I'm looking forward in reading the book! :)
And now, I think I'm in love with Edward! (lolz!) :)


the donG said...

ako na lang ata ang hindi pa nakakabasa/napanood nito. hehehe...

paperdoll said...

hahaha. . you ate your word. . how does it taste? kidding. . !hehe

i don't usually watch fantasy movies. but like you, nacurious din aco dahil sa mga nababasa at mga naririnig co.

it's worth watching. and i love edward cullen too. . i wanna be his bella. . wew! haha

Layrayski said...

im gonna watch all the movies first of this twilight series and then ill read the books.

m a potter fan, this is why i cant enjoy the movies. m gonna do the opposite on twilight. hehe super kilig no? ive never been this giggly in any movie before.

Vic said...

dong - maganda siya promise! ewan ko lang kung type mo yung mga ganong klaseng movie. :)

paperdoll - yeah, i ate it! nyehehe! :) magkaribal pala tayo! hehe.. as if wala ng ibang nababaliw kay EDWARD CULLEN! :)

layrayski - i'm also a HARRY POTTER fan! kaya naiinis ako pag sinasabi nilang laos na HP! hmp! hehe.. :)
yeah, it's so kilig! a different kind. not your ordinary love story. :)

Jex Saah paahk said...

twilight again ahihihih !