Monday, December 15, 2008

Look Ahead

I captured these fireworks shot last Saturday @ Mall of Asia. Me and my College friends had a simple bonding after the so-called get together party but turned out to be a meeting for the Grand Alumni Homecoming of the Psychology Department in our University. Well, it's actually ok because it's been awhile since we last saw each other and it's nice to see them again. :)
Anyway, this tag was passed on me by lyra. (I find it so hard to do this tag.. can't think of anything to write here, actually.)

1. link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. tag 7 people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Random/Weird Things:
1. I am a public elementary school teacher for a couple of months now. (that's normal right? well, I am actually a psychology major. have a license in teaching high school student. while most of our classmates opted to work in the corporate world.. I was one of those few who chose to teach.)
2. I was once a Guidance Counselor for a year (i missed it! so much! That's the only time that I felt like I am actually using all the things that I've learned in the university. Well, I resigned. And applied for the public school. ) I was once a Parochial school teacher and yeah, a Religion teacher (feeling oh so Holy!) :)
3. I love japanese anime! And also Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese dramas! (lolz!)
4. I am now taking up my Masteral of Arts in Education majoring in Special Education (don't have any experience yet in teaching these special kids. though we will be having our practicum.. maybe and hopefully.. next year.)
5. like lyra, I like social networking sites too. I have friendster, multiply, facebook, high-five, tagged, etc etc. (even you tube! hehe!) (talking about addiction! lolz!)
6. I love Harry Potter! But I must say that I got hooked in the Twilight series already!
7. I'm beginning to love photography.. I guess I'm addicted to it already. :p

Tag-- anyone. :)


the donG said...

wow! you've been a guidance counselor too. i have friends who works as counselors in la salle alabang and san beda alabang. and they are enjoying it. who would not? right?

Vic said...

yeah, and i miss it! and it's so good that you know all the students..(very well) in your school. :)
hope to be one.. again. :)