Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teachers' Day

"We teach LITTLE by what we SAY,

we teach MORE by what we DO,

we teach MOST by WHAT WE ARE."

---Let us be a shining light of GOD to every life we touch---

This day is a very important one for us, the teachers, for today we are celebrating OUR DAY!

I remember when I first stand infront of my first ever pupils. I was excited, nervous and all the anticipation drown me into this vast ocean that I thought I will never escape. But all of that immediately fade away (for about a minute or so! lolz!)when I found out how adorable and sweet they are. I will never forget them. And I must say that the have a special space in my heart.
Actually, this will be my first time to experience how teachers' day is celebrated in a public school. Just for this day, we will forget about lesson plans, we will drop our chalks, we will change our teachers uniform to some fabulous outfit! (lolz!) And we shall not forget that we are here to have fun and to release the stress from the previous days of teaching. Just like we did today....

Me and my co-teachers dancing... (infront of the administrators! haha!)

Can you see me? hehe.. I was there, behind someone.. (lolz!)

Can you see me now? (I wasn't there. ) :)

Taking a bow.. after the performance. :)
After this wonderful day, we shall never forget that tomorrow will be another day of teaching and learning.. and another day to inspire and touch the lives of our pupils but most of the time... it is the other way around. (yeah, it is!) :)


paperdoll said...

hehe. . hanap naman aco. . hindi pa na eenlarge ung photos. .hehe

mukhang nag enjoy ang mga mam. .

hapi teachersday

sana nga hindi kayong mag sawa sa pag touch at paginspire sa mga buhay ng mga stundyante.

Vic said...

hahaha! nagtago talaga ako! :)
salamat paperdoll! lalo na sa huli mong sinabi.. :)

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow! Looks good! Happy Teachers day! Teachers are heroes I believe! I salute you.

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Vic said...

thanks! :)

Wow! I like that! hehe! :)

Sidney said...

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. ~Henry Brooks Adams

ascu75 aka Don said...

I know what you mean who teaches who I work at church with drug addicts and I get so much from them that they will never know how they touch my life. Keep up the good work nice piccies

Vic said...

sidney - thanks for the quote. i hope all teachers can be like that. :)

ascu75 aka don - yeah, you can learn so much from them as much as you can give them.