Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Nearer

Well, I'm back! Maybe you did not notice my absence (lolz!) Our computer at home had just been repaired (luckily!) I haven't touch the computer since Thursday and I wasn't able to post for the Skywatch Friday this week. :(

And I am also so busy for these past few days because our Teachers' Day is getting nearer and nearer and we are practicing everyday for the presentation. And guess what?... I am going to dance. (ewww!) I can't imagine myself on stage while dancing my head off! The celebration would be on Tuesday, December 2, and we are so excited. Since, we are just new in this field (I mean.. public school), I've noticed that the teachers' day is a big deal for my co- teachers! It is THE DAY. It is really very important to them. Well, now I know how they feel. And I think I understand. (I hope so...) :)

(The above photo was taken from our camping for the BSP and GSP. )


paperdoll said...

hehe. . kelan ba teachers day mam? nakalimutan coe. . naalala co nung elem. pa aco binibigyan co ng flowers ung teacher co pag teachers day. .

i think u'r a good dancer naman. . let's see. . paniguradong ipopost nyo nmn ung pic:-)

Vic said...

sa tuesday na.. as in tomorrow na! iba iba naman ang date.. basta once a year meron yan! hehe! :)

hahaha! ngek! bhala na kung magpopost ako! basta yung magandang pictures lang! hehe.. :)

the donG said...

wow! so you're dancing today. im sure they'll enjoy it. go teacher vic!

Vic said...

haha! nakoh dong! grabe! sa wakas natapos din! hehe.. :)

amiable amy said...

Gezz....i missed this activity really...good to see these pictures