Friday, November 21, 2008

Skywatch Friday 5 - Remembering

These photos are part of my archives for our District Sports Meet. The sky was not so kind during that time. It was as if the rain's gonna fall down anytime. But despite the not so clear sky, the activity went well and was a success.
For all the other "Skies" all over the world, just click on the title to see them.
Have a great day! :)
Happy Skywatch! :)


Darla said...

It does look threatning doesn't it?

Louise said...

Maybe the skies were not kind, but they ARE pretty in their own way!

Anonymous said...

Yes they really are very pretty! I love when the sky gets like that!

the donG said...

despite those gloomy skies, the flags still makes the event look alive.

Vic said...

darla - yes, it was! but thank God the rain did not fall so heavy (but it did rain) as to affect the entire event. :)

louise - yes, they are! it's kinda scary but it's okay. :)

ms. hays - thanks! well, yeah.. but not in an activity like we had. :)

the dong - thanks for the perspective! :)