Friday, November 14, 2008

Skywatch 4 - Phoenix in the Sky

I took these shots @ the Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Silang , Cavite which was the reception area after the baptismal rights of my godson (inaanak).
I love the food! (haha! free advertisement! lolz!)

Anyway, the above photos are my entries for this week's Skywatch Friday.
Please click on the links to see other entries. Happy SWF! :)
Need to get some sleep.. hehe... (so busy lately, no time to post here!) Gotta go! :)


Debbie said...

Nice shots, I like the angle.

Mary said...

These are lovely and I like the "line to heaven" below, also :-) Very beautiful!

Grammy said...

Your photos are wonderful!
Have a wonderful weekend!.

Fotos da Lurdes said...

Beautiful shots! Thanks for the visit to my blog.Have a happy SWF:)

Dewdrop said...

Great collection of shots! I love the palm tree shot posted first. cool angle.

the donG said...

thanks to the good weather lately. blue skies! perfect for photography.

Louise said...

Beautiful skies! My vaorite is the first with the palm tree. But all are wonderful. Any tree in a sky picture makes it perfect, right?

Vic said...

debbie - thanks! :)

mary - thank you so much and also for my past post! :)

grammy - thanks! you too! :)

fotos da lurdes - yeah, no prob! thanks! :)

dewdrop - wow, thanks! i love that too! :)

the dong - hi po!'re right. talagang di pwedeng di ko kunan yan! hehe.. thanks! :)

louise - yeah, i guess you're right louise. blue sky + the green tree = perfect! thanks! :)