Sunday, September 28, 2008


This photo was taken last September 18 during the District Meet of General Trias 2. It just so happened that SFDMPS also joined (for the first time) the said event. I, together with Ms. Bird were so excited when we first found about the news! And it also happened that Santiago Elem. School (the school where me and Bird are currently teaching) followed after the SFDMPS in the line (we are just beside them! haha!) Of course, we made kumustahan and all. It's as if, we're still with them. (hehe..) I really missed them.. so much! I hope we can have the time to visit again the school.. so that I can see all of them!!! :)
Top photo: me, ma'am alyn and ma'am bird
Bottom photo: jerome, marky, mm, bryan, jannella, ms. ahlyn, janmae, caren and shiela (christian was also there pero wala sa photo.. suplado! peace! haha!)

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