Saturday, September 13, 2008


It had been another tiring day for me. I set my cellphone last night to alarm @ 4:00AM. It did alarm @ 4:00 AM but I was too sleepy to get off my bed. So, I continued to sleep. I finally woke up at around 4:59 AM (hehe..). I know that my laziness will get me into trouble so I fetched myself and went to the bathroom. After a few minutes, I hurriedly get into my jeans and the brown tee that I bought a week ago and just slipped on my flip flops. Luckily, I did not wait for over a century for a jeepney going to Tejero. While in the jeepney, I can't help but to look at my wristwatch every now and then... I don't want to be late again in my first class. When I got off the jeep, I was so lucky that the FX is not yet full, so we waited for another 2 more passengers.
After more than an hour, I finally arrived at PNU (I'm taking up my MA @ my alma mater every Saturday) As usual, I am too early for the first period. Its either I'm too early or I'm too late. But I would rather choose the first one. While waiting for my other classmates, I used my remaining time taking pictures (like the one you see on top). I got the opportunity to do that when I'm alone bacause if someone will see me taking pictures, they will give me that weird look as if I'm a looney or something. I really wanted to take pictures around PNU but I don't know how to do that without looking like a weirdo.
So, my class @ SPED 505 with Dr. Quijano starts @ 7:45AM - 9:45AM. Then it followed by SPED 500 with Prof. Vendivel @ 10:00AM-12:00PM.
While going to our next class (SPED 500) me, Jam and Crysel decided to shift course from SPED to Guidance (like a Homecoming... or a Prodigal Son.. our course in College was BS Psychology major in Guidance and Counseling). Crysel already told us that she will shift to Guidance next semester because she needs to have an MA in Guidance for she was hired by their admin as Guidance Counselor and she was encouraged to take Guidance for Licensure. Jam and I agreed that we're going nowhere.. maybe if we are really SPED teachers.. but we're not. And I know my tolerance. I don't think I can manage those kids. "Normal kids" are hard to discipline how much more those kids who needs special care and attention. They say its "sayang!"... well yeah, I already took up 18 units but 9 units can be credited to my next specialization. And the knowledge that I got while taking SPED is worth the time that I spent. And I am so glad that I got Dr. Capulong, Dr. Quijano and Prof. Vendivel as professors.

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