Sunday, August 17, 2008

High School Best Friends

Rexie Parre and Marnelli Felismino.

I first met Rexie in our first year in high school but during that time, we're not as close. We became close during second year. I can't remember how.. but since, all of my best buddies in first year were became section 2 (Marianne, Belen and Marnelli) .. I suddenly found a new friend with Rexie and Jennifer (and since Jennifer and I had a misunderstanding before.. sad to say but i lost contact with her.. my last news about her was that.. she's in the states right now with her family)

I first met Marnelli in the "Parangal ng Bayan" award in our town plaza, wherein we were both awardees.. (I graduated salutatorian in elementary.. eherm). I didn't know her at that time but I recognized her when I saw her in our first day of class during our first year in high school. We became friends instantly. But sad to say, in our second year, Marnelli and some of our classmates were moved to section 2. But in third year, she became our classmate again!

How can I forget the crushes... the kainan kina Ate Lina during lunch.. tampuhan.. tambayan sa mga bahay natin.. review pag may exam.. gala sa SM Southmall pa noon...

I must say that these two girls are so precious to me. Imagine, we've been friends for more than a decade! Although, we don't see each other that much (Rexie is in Dubai and Marnelli is busy with work..)... when we see each other, it's as if, nothing has changed!

Janice Camacho - Pineda

Janice and I first met during the meeting of all the participants in GTMES for the Jamboree of Girls Scout that was held in Noveleta when we were barely in Grade 5. We were not as close during the camping as we are now but we're not snob to each other.. (hehe..) We became classmates during first year to fourth year. We became close because we always went home together since we are both from Pasong Kawayan.. and since then, we became friends. Actually, we have a different set of friends but during fourth year, we were suddenly in a one circle of friends! I considered Janice as one of my best friends and true friends ever! I've been in her wedding in Nueva Ecija! (abay ako dun!) and now, I am the ninang of their baby!

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