Monday, August 18, 2008

College Buddies 3

Michelle Orjalesa - Macapugay

She's one of my closest friends in College... I've seen how she strived hard to be where she is now... (basta! madami ng pinagdaanan tong friend ko na to! ) From deciding to give up Psychology and shifting to BEED to getting married and having a kid... (love you Cielo! my inaanak!) I am forever bless that I got to know her. (Goodluck Chelle sa nursing mo!)

Liberty Villanueva

Actually, I first saw her in our Reading class. She was my classmate then but we didn't have the chance to get to know each other. Our path crossed again in Quiapo Parochial School, wherein we had the same Supervising Teacher. We became close actually and I consider her as one of my closest friends since College. Actually, we shared the same crush (hehe.. secret lang yun ha!) It's okay na kasi she has a boyfriend already and I... totally (almost) forgot that boy. What's his name again? (taray!)

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iris salgado said...

Hello, my name is Iris. I sent a message to your FB (on your other folder since we're not friends yet) I am a friend of Michelle Orjalesa Macapugay. Di ko sya macontact, even on FB. I've searched her thru google and it gave me the link to your blog. Do you know her contact numbers cause I've lost communication with her. I just need to talk to her for some important reasons. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you very much!