Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brigada Eskwela and Interesting Blog Award

Okay, now it's time to say goodbye to summer vacation (sigh!) because in two weeks time, school is opening again! According to DepEd, the opening of the school year will be on June 1 (well as for private schools, it depends on the administration). Last Monday, Brigada Eskwela, the annual program of DepEd was already started and as for our school, it started last May 18 up to 22 or by next week. We started cleaning the rooms and preparing it for the school opening next next week. I hope classrooms will all be ready come June first.


I would like to thank Amy for this award. I really do appreciate it. It means a lot! Thanks again. And I have to forward this award to those blogger who really and truly deserved it. :)
I am giving this to:

Dong, Beth, Anney, Payatot, Peachy, Lyra, Chase, Kalyo Galera, Eden, Dhemz, Carms, Arvin, Q, and anyone on my bloglist. :)


payatot said...

oo nga lapit na uli pasukan kaya hirap ka na naman ma'm vics..pero ok lang dahil nag enjoy ka naman nung bakasyon di ba

Anney said...

Ang aga naman ng pasukan ngayun June 1 na agad~! Thanks sa award!! muah!

Layrayski said...

yikes kung nag aaral ako ngayon tense na naman kasi malapit na ang pasukan. hehe congrats on the interesting blog award and thanks for the award also. =)

Vic said...

payatot - oo nga kuya eh. sabagay bawi rin.. sinulit talaga ang bakasyon. haha! :)

anney - sana nga June 8 na lang. haha! you deserved the award. :)

layrayski - hi lyra! oo nga, i'm actually both.. a teacher and a student. haha! thanks and you really ddeserved it! ;)

amiable amy said...

Vic thanks a lot for posting the tag...glad you take time posting it....stay pretty

eden said...

it is getting closer Vic. June 1 agad, busy na naman kayo uli.

thank for the award. i will surely grab it as soon as possible.

happy friday

Vic said...

amiable amy - thanks also amy! :)

eden - yeah, lapit na ng pasukan. thanks too Eden! ;)