Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We call this machine as "Kubota" from the brand name of a tractor that used for cultivating the land. It is actually noisy and you can really hear it coming. It is also called as "Kuliglig" for the same reason. The brand name.
According to Wikipedia: A kuliglig is a vehicle composed of a two-wheeled trailer pulled by a two wheeled tractor similar to a rotary tiller. It is a multi-purpose diesel or gasoline engine, commonly used in the provinces of the Philippines. The kuliglig traces its etymology from the Filipino term kuliglig, meaning "cricket" which was adopted by one manufacturer as a brand. It is also a carabao replacement. It is a more handy tool for farming.
This used to be the machine that helped my father, who is a farmer, to cultivate the soil. Now, he no longer use it because he no longer plant rice. He got a new job and could no longer took care of the land. And yeah, he's not getting any younger to take the heavy work of planting and gathering of plants. I can still remember that my father had to stay there in the "ibayo" (the farm where my father plant rice is not really near our house, you have to cross a river to get there) late at night while he is making "patubig" (irrigation for the start of rice planting). My mother and I even went to the farm to brought merienda and lunch. I had to walk on "pilapils", and I had to endured the jumping frogs here and there (mind you, I have an enormous fear of frogs!) My cousins and I enjoy playing in our big playgrounds with fruit-bearing trees everywhere, like guava, sinigwelas, duhat and many others. We always had picnics in our "kubo" while fishing in the "quary" (we called it like that!) it is actually a big fish pond.
Today, I no longer hear the noise of the "kuliglig" nor experience the happy moments in the farm. I wish I can take back time where life is simple and children enjoy climbing on the trees while eating the fruits (just like we did) . :)


the donG said...

kuliglig sounds simply means that the environment is healthy. that's why it's sad to know that there's less and less kuliglig in the many towns of the philippines.

payatot said...

tama ka, kase yan ang gamit ng mga magbubukid sa kanilang sakahan...pero ang kuliglig talaga e yung uri ng hayup o insekto..

Mentor said...

masuwerte kayo merong traktor kami Kalabaw lang. Nagwork din ako nung elem at high school pa sa aming rice field.

Ang hirap ng trabahong bukid kaya hindi na ako bumalik. By the way sa Quezon province kami san bang province mo?

Vic said...

dong - hi dom! haha! now, I know your real name! :)

yeah, kuliglig as in the insect! I am actually referring to that tractor. hehe.. :) but yeah, halos wala na nga akong naririnig ngayon. :)

payatot - yep! alam ko din po yun.. yung maingay na naririnig natin pag nasa bukid tayo. :)

mentor - may kalabaw din si tatay... isinasakay pa nga niya ako dun nung maliit pa ako! haha! :)

wow! so, you also came from a family of farmer. yeah, mahirap talaga.. pero pagdating ng anihan... pambayad utang lang.

Quezon province! layo po pala. kami po, here in Cavite. :)