Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution Tag

Amy gave me this New Year's Resolution tag. I'm not really into this New Year's Resolution thingie but I want to give it a try. I'm not sure though if I can make all of these into action... but nevertheless, here it is.... :)

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged by someone, share your list (on your blog) of 12 top list New Year's Resolutions and then tag up to 12 other people who will then post their own lists.

My New Year's Resolution:

12. Pray more. (Yeah, I do pray but I guess it's not enough. I have to talk to HIM more often and I want to do it like.. now. New Year's Resolution or not I will still do it. Yeah, and I think it's about time.)

11. Moving on. (Past is past. I have to stop whining and wallowing about everything in the past. I love them. Yes. and I miss them but it's all over now and I got a new work place now. It's good to remember them and I will always do. Regretting? Maybe. But there are things to be considered and I know the answer to that. Still, a big NO. )

10. Diet No More. (I hate that word! Err.. The more I think that I am into a diet the more I crave for food. So, I stopped saying that. And it worked for me. Well, I guess I have to do it over again. You see, the holidays.. gain a couple of pounds here! LOLx!)

9. Singleness 101. (Ok. I'm not really making myself pressured by the thing that I am the only one in my "high school barkada" who is single.. - don't have a husband yet and no boyfriend for that matter. That was before... but at the end of the year, I suddenly became aware that yeah, I am the only one.. and it hit me! So, now... I am telling myself to relax and just don't mind the "I am the only one single here" kind of drama. So what? yeah, right! )

8. Find Time to Smell the Flowers. (Just look at everything around you... not just yourself. I'm not self-centered or anything. I just want to be more socially aware now)

7. Fashion 101. (Well, I know I'm not a fashionable one. I might be caught up by Fashion Police and I don't care. Coz' I got a little help from my fashionista friend - Ms. Bird. So, this year I want to dressed up a little bit "cooler" than the previous year. Harhar!)

6. Read More Books. (Yeah, unleashing the nerdy side of me. LOLx. Need to read more and more books! Aside from my Harry Potter and Twilight collections, I mean. I want to explore more of the other books around here. Just to widened up my knowledge. Any suggestions?)

5. Focus. (I want to be more focus on what I really want in MY LIFE. Ok, I'm taking up my masters, so what now? Can I make it to the thesis stage? Can I outrun my practicum with flying colors? Or can I be able to handle these special kids? I really have no idea. I mean.. REALLY!)

4. Relax. (Ok. I know I've been worrying too much. About my practicum... my thesis.. school and everything. And I want to just sit back and relax for just a couple of minutes. Just thinking about NOTHING at all.)

3. Bring back my old self. (Yeah.. I kinda miss her. The good girl that I was. It's not that I am a bad girl now. It's just that I feel like I'm kinda bitchy sometimes and it felt bad. Ok. I wanna take out of my system the Suplada and Taray side of me.)

2. Talk more. (I just want to express more of myself through talking. I know I've always been a quiet type of girl - (since birth) . I am more of a listener - a good listener for that matter. And I don't really want to change who or what I am. I just want to develop myself more. Just to improve my personality. Guess, that would be fine.)

1. Find time to have some family bonding. (I know we are always together but do we really know each other? I mean, even if we are sitting just a few inches apart from each other, it still feels like we are in the different space or location. I just feel so distant. And it's kinda sad actually.. and I want to change that.. for the better if not for the best. so that would be my number one.)

So I want to pass it on to my fellow bloggers: liza, lyra, dangel, sunnysideup and anyone who would like to make a New Year's Resolution! :)


This award was given to me by Sunny Side Up. Thank you! :)

This is such a wonderful award and I am passing this on to some of my blogger friends : dong, lyra, ask ms.recipe, amy, cherry, yudi, elizabeth, liza, dangel


the donG said...

wow! so happy to receive this and it is my first e-award for this year.

thank you! thank you vic!

Vic said...

your welcome, dong! :)

Layrayski said...

hi vicky! Happy new year! that's a good idea having a new year's resolution, unfortunately as I've mentioned I'm not really the tag kind of blogger. I appreciate the thought though. and thank you very much for the award! Thanks! =)

Vic said...

actually I'm not really into new year's resolution but i gave it a try.. for a change. hehe!
it's ok. i also know that! :)
you're welcome! :)

Dangel said...

hi vic! thanks for the award, i really appreciate it... about new year resolution?! uhmm! hehehe, ill give it a try.. take care always! mwaahugs..

Vic said...

dangel - you're welcome! :)

amiable amy said...

thanks Vic for posting....yap, we will just do what we can to make these list in action hehehe