Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Today is the start of the Holy Week. Yeah, this is the time to reflect and to focus more on our faith and spirituality... (though we have to be like that everyday and it is to pray and to reflect rather than to go out for outing..) This is the time to commemorate how Jesus gave His life for us. And that, is the greatest love of all..
Palm Sunday is the day wherein we remember the time when Jesus entered Jerusalem and people welcome Him with palms..
I took that shot a while ago.. before the 5:00 PM mass. Father Vir, our parish priest, blessed the "palaspas" or palm.
Have a blessed day everyone! :)


caryn said...

have a blessed holy week too! ;-)

payatot said...

holy week na nga ano ma'm vics, salamat sa paalala..

the donG said...

nice to share that vic. holy week is indeed a time to really deeply reflect on the things He is offering us.

Vic said...

caryn - hi po! thanks for dropping by! same to you. :)

payatot - oo nga po. :)

dong - yep yep.. :)