Thursday, April 16, 2009


I already told before that I like to read.. infact, I loved to read! Here are just some of the books that I like and didn't mind to read over and over again...

(currently reading...)
I remembered that I even posted something about comparing the Twilight Saga to the Harry Potter Series, I even commented that I will not trade my being a Potter fanatic to a vampire! But hey, what happened here?! (haha!) Maybe, I also got the virus and sticked to the same madness that came over to those people who are addicted to the Twilight Series.. (and I don't care a bit! haha!) I am currently reading Eclipse. Well, as of the moment.. I am still at page 321.. so, I still have half of the novel to read! I can't wait to finished it! And of course, the upcoming movie after Twilight.. (New MOon!) Can't wait... :)
(the fourth and last book.. well, I hope not!)
Actually, I already start reading the book but haven't finished it because I already bought Eclipse (I first had Twilight and then New moon and Breaking Dawn.. well, at that time, Eclipse is not yet available) The bad thing about skipping Eclipse is that I got clueless on what's going on.. I even read about Edward and Bella's wedding without understanding anything about their conversation! (ahaha!) I hope to finish Eclipse first so that I can continue with Breaking Dawn.. (woot!) :)
I loved this guy! Although, Macarthur is somewhat different from his previous work, it still has the taste of Bob Ong.. But I must say that this book is really way serious and but still realistic just like his other books. His other books are ABNKKBSNPLAKO, Bakit Baligtad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino, Paboritong Libro ni Hudas, Alamat ng Gubat at Stainless Longganisa. :)
by Vince O. Teves
(the sequel)
Vince's Life is one of the first novel that I read from the Summit Books. And I already loved it just after reading the first chapter! Imagine, reading a novel from a guy's perspective! (haha!) And Of course, the most anticipated (well, for me!) sequel to that which is The Next Chapter: Getting Over Andrea. The good thing about it is that it is realistic in a way that it will not give you a false hope about relationship and all that. I really really loved it! :)
Just like what my title for this post says, "some of my favorite books".. so, that's only some from the many of those books that captured my heart and interest. Of course, part of those is Harry Potter (how can I forget that!) :)
Well, I'll be out of town a little later.. just a few hours from now. I'll be going to somewhere north.. But I'll be back maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. (Yeah, I will miss surfing the net! hahaha!) So, till then! Ciao! :)


Anney said...

Mahilig ka pala magbasa ng books. Dati mahilig din ako kaya lang medyo nawalan ng time. maski nga magazine na binibili ko minsan inaabot ng 3 weeks bago ko mabasa. hehehe! Enjoy ur trip!

the donG said...

not one of those books have i read. hehehe... but they sound like a really good book. i usually read john maxwell books less of fiction books but might read some in the future.

Vic said...

anney - hehehe! adik talaga ako sa mga libro eh. :)

dong - iba talaga ang mga trip mo dong. hehehe! :)